Withdrawal Policies

Withdrawal from Classes

(Policy # 02.10.14)

An undergraduate or graduate student who wishes to discontinue a course after the drop period has ended may withdraw during the time period specified below, unless the student is suspected of academic misconduct. Withdrawing from courses during the prescribed period may have serious consequences for academic progress to the degree, for financial aid eligibility, (for international students) visa requirements, and (for student-athletes) NCAA eligibility for competition. Students should consult with their instructors and academic advisors before withdrawing from a course. In addition to speaking with their academic advisor, international students in F1 or J1 status must speak with ISSS before withdrawing from a course.

  • A student may "withdraw" from a class after the drop period but prior to the deadline for the applicable term set forth in the university's academic calendar. Drop and Withdrawal deadlines1 are published for each semester and summer session at https://registrar.temple.edu/academic-calendar.

    • The course is recorded on the transcript with the notation of "W."

    • Course withdrawals are included in the course repeat count (see the policy on Repeating a Course # 02.10.12).

    • A student is financially responsible for courses from which they are withdrawn.

  • A student may "drop" a class during the period defined on the academic calendar1 to remove a course from their transcript. A student is not financially responsible for dropped courses.

  • Once a student has been informed that academic misconduct is suspected, the student may not drop or withdraw from the course during the investigation and adjudication process except where the drop or withdrawal is approved for exceptional circumstances.

A student who must withdraw due to extenuating circumstances beyond the student's control may petition for an "excused withdrawal" and/or "withdrawal with approved excuse."  An excused withdrawal is generally only approved for all courses in a term. In exceptional cases, an excused withdrawal can be approved for a single course when the need to withdraw is directly related, or attributed, to requirements related to that course.

  • The course is recorded on the transcript with the notation of "WE."

  • Courses with WE grades will not be included in the course repeat count.

  • A Petition for Excused Withdrawal must be filed within one (1) year from the end date of the semester in which the student is seeking an excused withdrawal. (For a list of extenuating circumstances, see the complete policy 02.10.14.)

  • A student who is granted an excused withdrawal (WE) for medical reasons will not be permitted to return to the University until he/she presents a statement from a medical provider showing that he/she is medically ready to return to the rigors of academic work.

  • A student may be financially responsible for courses from which he/she has withdrawn with an approved excuse.

Refunds for Withdrawals

Complete refund of tuition or cancellation of tuition charges will be made only if the drop form or student's SSB entry is processed by the end of the second week of classes of the fall and spring semesters or summer sessions.

Students withdrawing after these periods are responsible for payment of all charges incurred. No refund or adjustments of charges will be made for withdrawals after the second week unless specified under the university's refund policy. See the bottom of the Tuition and Fees section for the Refund Policy.