Academic Residency Requirements

Temple University requires that all undergraduate degree candidates complete 45 hours of the last 60 hours of the degree or program as matriculated students at Temple University. If a matriculated student previously took Temple courses on a non-matriculated basis, those courses are counted towards this requirement. See the policy on Transfer Credits.

Students admitted to the University with a large number of transfer credits who want to participate in a Temple Exchange or approved external study abroad program in their junior or senior year should meet with their academic advisors to discuss eligibility.

Students who were active undergraduate students in Spring 2014 or were on an approved Leave of Absence follow the residency requirement indicated in their bulletin when they first matriculated.

To graduate with Latin Honors, a student must complete at least 60 semester hours of the program matriculated at Temple. See Honors.

Students should consult their school or college for additional academic residency requirements.