Scope of Policy & Rationale

The Academic Forgiveness policy allows students approved for re-enrollment the opportunity to return with a reset grade point average. If they apply for and are approved for Academic Forgiveness, these students have the opportunity to apply towards their degree credits from courses completed previously at Temple with a "C-" or higher, while re-enrolling with a 0.00 cumulative grade point average.

Former undergraduate, degree-seeking students who have not taken any coursework at Temple University for a minimum of three consecutive years are eligible for Academic Forgiveness (policy # 02.10.17). Students are also eligible to petition for Academic Forgiveness after two consecutive years of non-enrollment at Temple if, during that time, they have completed at least 15 transferable credits elsewhere with a cumulative grade point average of 3.00 or higher.


  1. Re-enrollment - The process by which students are approved to return to Temple after a period of separation of at least one term or following academic dismissal. These students follow the then-current degree requirements.
  2. Academic Forgiveness - Academic Forgiveness is a status that enables students to return to the university with a reset cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 0.00.
  3. Three Consecutive Years - A total of six consecutive fall and spring terms.
  4. Two Consecutive Years - A total of four consecutive fall and spring terms.

Policy Statement

Undergraduate, degree-seeking students who re-enroll following a three- or two-year consecutive absence from the university may petition the appropriate advising office at the time of re-enrollment to have their cumulative GPA reset. Once granted, Academic Forgiveness cannot be reversed.

Upon successful application for Academic Forgiveness:

  • Cumulative grade point average will be reset to 0.00 after the Drop/Add period of the term of re-enrollment.
  • All prior courses and grades will remain on the student's academic record and transcript.
  • The notation of "Academic Forgiveness" will be recorded on the student's transcript.
  • Courses previously earned at Temple University with grades of CD, D+, D, D-, F, NC, NR, MG, PI will not be used for credit towards the student's degree. Credit will be considered for courses with grades of A, A-, B+, B, B-, C+, C, C- and CR. The student's department has final approval of credits that will count towards graduation. Schools/Colleges may disallow credits towards graduation for courses that are no longer applicable to the current degree, per applicable major rules.

Re-enrolled students electing the forgiveness option may repeat a course one additional time if they previously exhausted their repeat options for that course under the policy on Repeating a Course (policy # 02.10.12).

Students who choose Academic Forgiveness and wish to qualify for Latin Honors at graduation must complete a minimum of 60 earned credit hours at Temple following their reinstatement (i.e., excluding their earned credit hours allowed at the time of academic forgiveness).

Students are afforded one opportunity for Academic Forgiveness.


  1. Dates of official enactment and amendments
    Adopted by the president on February 8, 2011. Effective August 30, 2011 (Fall 2011).

    Amended in January 2021, to be effective immediately; adds a three-year option for students who complete credits elsewhere; specifies that once Academic Forgiveness is applied it cannot be reversed; and students can only be approved for Academic Forgiveness once. The grade CD is added to the list of grades that cannot be used for credit towards the student's degree. The cumulative grade point average will be reset to 0.00 after the Drop/Add period of the term of re-enrollment instead of upon approval of the petition.

    Amended in September 2023, to be effective immediately; reduces the time to re-enrollment by one year.
  2. History
    This policy was amended in January 2021 and September 2023 as described above.
    Previous policies concerning Withdrawal; Repeat; Academic Warning, Probation and Dismissal, and Academic Forgiveness with effective dates prior to June 2023.
  3. Cross References
    • Policy # 02.10.12, Repeating a Course (Undergraduate)
    • Policy # 02.10.14, Withdrawal from Courses (Undergraduate and Graduate)
    • Policy # 02.10.11, Academic Standing (Undergraduate)
    • Policy # 02.10.18, Transfer Credit Policy for Matriculated Undergraduate Students
      Procedures related to this policy can be found in the Academic Policies section of the Undergraduate Bulletin.