Transfer Between Schools/Colleges Within the University (Change of Program)

Transfer between academic units is not automatic. If students decide to earn their degrees in an academic unit other than the one in which they are matriculated, they must submit a Change of Program (may also be referred to as an Intra-University transfer or IUT).

To be eligible to complete a Change of Program (CoP), a student should be in academic good standing. Please consult the individual school or college policy in the Bulletin for specific school/college CoP requirements. In addition the Tyler School of Art and Architecture requires a portfolio and Esther Boyer College of Music and Dance requires an audition.

Students who are compelled to change their program after exhausting the number of permitted attempts for a required course under the Repeating a Course policy may consult another school or college or the Division of University Studies, regardless of grade point average, academic standing, or the number of credits completed.

The CoP form can be downloaded from the Student Tab on the TUPortal or picked up at any of the school/college advising offices. Contact the school/college advising office to which you would like to transfer for more information.