University policies require that final examinations for sections scheduled in the Full Term Courses part of term for fall or spring be given only during the university-approved final examination days as noted on the academic calendar posted by the Office of the University Registrar. Final examinations for courses of shorter duration (e.g., 7-week Courses) should be given before the conclusion of the part of term.

For Full Term Courses day classes on Main campus, a detailed examination schedule, by day and time, is available on the Office of the University Registrar's web site; this information is also circulated at the beginning of each semester.

Final examinations for evening classes on Main and Ambler campuses, Temple Center City classes, and Health Sciences Center classes are given at the regular class time during final examination week.

For both day and evening Ambler classes, a detailed examination schedule, by day and time, is circulated to the faculty and may be posted to the Ambler web site.

Some courses have common final examination times. (Consult the registrar's final examination schedule for a complete list.)

Instructors are encouraged to make individual accommodations with students who have more than two (2) examinations scheduled on one day.