Declaration of Major

Students admitted to Temple for fall 2002 and after must be enrolled as a major in a degree-granting program in a school or college by the time they have completed 60 credits, including any credits transferred from another institution.

Students admitted to Temple with 60 or more transfer credits will be matriculated directly into a degree-granting program, rather than as "undeclared" in a school or college or the Division of University Studies.

Students declare a major either by completing their school's or college's declaration of major process (see specific school or college section in this Bulletin) or by completing a Change of Program form (may also be referred to as an Intra-University transfer or IUT) to transfer to another Temple school or college (see the policy on Transfer between Schools/Colleges within the University).

Individual schools and colleges may require students to declare a major earlier than 60 credits. Students should consult the policies and regulations of their own school/college for any additional guidelines regarding declaration of major.