As students approach the end of their undergraduate careers, they must make sure that they are eligible for, and can participate in, graduation ceremonies.

In their junior year, or when 80 semester hours have been completed, students should begin an ongoing graduation check with their academic advisors in order to determine that they are meeting the university, college, departmental, and program requirements for their degree and for graduation.

Fly in 4 students must have a graduation review in their school or college prior to the start of their senior year to remain eligible for the program.

Early in the semester in which graduation requirements will be completed, students complete an Application for Graduation.

Questions about this process or graduation status should be directed to the student's Advising Office or Academic Dean's Office.

Application deadlines are:

  • February 1 for Spring graduation
  • June 1 for Summer graduation
  • October 1 for Fall graduation

Note: Earlier deadlines may be in effect in some academic units.

The Application for Graduation must be properly completed, particularly the areas relating to the resolution of incompletes and diploma instructions. Information concerning commencement activities (such as time, place, invitations, rental of academic regalia) is available to students once they have submitted their completed Application for Graduation. Students will not have their diploma or transcript released until all university tuition and fees have been paid.

Petition for Non-graduates to Attend University and/or School/College Graduation Ceremonies: Students within 2 courses or 8 credits of meeting their degree requirements may petition to attend University Commencement and/or School/College graduation ceremonies. Completed petition forms (available on TUportal) must be submitted directly to the student's Advising Office by the graduation application deadline.