Leave of Absence

Scope of Policy & Rationale

A Leave of Absence (LOA) for up to a total of two consecutive semesters of non-enrollment (summer sessions excluded) is permitted one time during a student's degree program.

A LOA allows active baccalaureate or associate degree students to interrupt enrollment without having to apply for re-enrollment and without changing the requirements of their degree program.  A degree candidate who does not register for consecutive semesters and is not on a LOA must apply for re-enrollment.

Policy Statement

A LOA may be filed through the end of the drop/add period of any given semester. Any extension of the LOA from one semester to two semesters needs to be filed before the end of the semester of the initial LOA. Under special circumstances, exceptions to the duration of a LOA or additional LOA's may be considered, but, if granted, some of the privileges listed below may not be preserved.

Courses taken at other colleges or universities during the LOA period, or taken between two consecutive LOA semesters, may not be used for transfer credit at Temple University.

New students who wish to defer enrolling in their first semester are not eligible for a LOA and, instead, must contact the Office of Admissions to discuss their options.

International students who seek a LOA must obtain additional advising from the Office of International Services.

Fly in 4 participants must meet with an advisor to discuss potential effects of the LOA on time to degree and their eligibility for the Fly in 4 program.

Students on a LOA retain their admitted student status and remain eligible for the following privileges:

  • Retention of the academic program requirements in place at the time of their matriculation at Temple, including the requirements in place at the time they declared their major, concentration, minor and/or certificate.
  • Temple e-mail access.
  • Priority registration for the semester of return.
  • Library access and borrowing privileges.

Students on a LOA are not considered registered students and, as non-enrolled students, are not eligible for:

  • Financial aid disbursements, including work study funds, during the semesters while on LOA. Students on a LOA are reported to lenders and loan servicing agencies as "not enrolled" and should contact lenders for information on possible repayment requirements.
  • Student employment.
  • Enrollment verification. Students on LOA are reported as "not enrolled," which could affect eligibility for health insurance and other programs and services.
  • Use of Student Health Services and Tuttleman Counseling during the semesters while on LOA or any other university services not listed in the previous section.
  • On-Campus Housing.
  • Programs requiring continuous enrollment or academic progress.

Students may return earlier than the original return date by registering for courses, keeping in mind applicable deadlines for registration, financial aid, etc.

Students who do not return from their LOA on the expected return date, or those students who ceased enrollment without a LOA, must submit an application for re-enrollment to their schools/colleges in order to continue their coursework.  These students must follow the most current requirements for their schools/colleges, majors, and the university.

Students taking an approved medical withdrawal in a current semester are not considered to be on LOA. Medical or excused withdrawals are governed by Policy # 02.10.14, Withdrawal from Classes (Undergraduate and Graduate).

(This policy # 02.10.16 was last amended by the president in November 2019 and became effective Spring 2020.)

To access the Leave of Absence form, students can sign in to the TUportal and under TUapplications, select Enrollment Services, and then select Services. Select Leave of Absence from the Services menu and complete the necessary information.