Leave of Absence

Full-time students may apply for a Leave of Absence (LOA) through the end of the drop/add period of any given semester. An LOA may be granted for one or two consecutive semesters, excluding summer sessions. Under special circumstances, an extension to an approved LOA may be considered, but some of the privileges listed below may not apply.

Students granted an LOA retain their admitted student status and remain eligible for the following privileges:

  • Retain the university requirements in place for their academic programs at the time of their first semester at Temple and the requirements in place for their major, concentration, minor or certificate at the time they declared them.
  • Temple e-mail access.
  • Priority and self registration for the approved semester of return.
  • Library access and borrowing privileges.

Students granted LOA are not considered registered students and as non-enrolled students are not eligible for:

  • Financial aid disbursements during the semesters while on LOA. Students on an LOA are reported to lenders and loan service agencies as "notĀ enrolled" and need to contact lenders for information on possible repayment requirements.
  • Enrollment verification since they are reported as "not enrolled," which could affect eligibility for health insurance, etc.
  • Use of Student Health Services during the semesters while on LOA or any other university services not listed in the previous section.
  • Campus Housing during their LOA.

Students may return earlier than the original agreed return date by providing notice to their schools/colleges as soon as possible, keeping in mind applicable deadlines for registration, financial aid, etc.

Students who do not return following the approved term for their LOA, or those students who did not apply for LOA, need to apply for re-enrollment to their schools/colleges if they wish to continue their coursework. Re-enrolled students do not retain their original bulletin year nor major declaration requirements and must follow the most current requirements for their schools/colleges and majors.

StudentsĀ taking an approved medical withdrawal (WE) in a current semester are not considered to be on LOA.

To access the Leave of Absence application, students can sign in to the TUportal and under TUapplications, select Enrollment Services, and then select Services. Select Leave of Absence from the Services menu and complete the necessary information.

(policy # 02.10.16)