Students in undergraduate courses receive a mid-semester rating report indicating that their work to date is satisfactory or unsatisfactory or that they have not been attending the course. This report is available on Self-Service Banner by the end of the sixth week of fall and spring semesters. For further information, see the full policy below.

Policy on Academic Progress for Undergraduate Courses

(Policy # 02.10.15)

Scope of Policy

The transition from high school to college is challenging. There are fewer classroom hours, and time is less structured. Study and other academic work are undertaken more independently than in secondary school. Evaluations of performance are less frequent. As a result, students may be unaware that they are not meeting academic expectations.

The current program of midsemester "early warnings" is restricted to courses in the lower division. The positive benefits of this feedback system to students, faculty and university support services are clear. Extending the system to include all undergraduate courses underscores the University's commitment to improving the academic performace of all undergraduate students by providing timely feedback, guidance and assistance thereby enhancing overall student performance in classes in the University.

This policy's purpose is to provide students in upper division courses with the same early warning of University concern as is currently provided for lower division courses. This will enable them to seek early guidance and assistance when their performance in a course is not satisfactory.


Effective Fall semester 2014, courses offered principally for undergraduates shall include one or more evaluations of student progress prior to the completion of approximately one-third of the course (equivalent to the end of the fifth week of a standard 14-week semester). Evaluation(s) may include quizzes, exams, papers, essays, performances, presentations, laboratory or studio demonstrations or experiments, or other activities determined by the instructor to be subject to evaluation or grading.

The instructor shall enter Midterm Progress Ratings in Self-Service Banner (SSB) for each course included in the process. A rating will be entered for each student by selecting the appropriate rating in the drop down box in the "Rating" column on the electronic form. During and after the rating period, ratings can be viewed on the 'Grade History' page. The rating period will begin when approximately 45% of the course is completed and end when approximately 55% of the course is completed (equivalent to the beginning of the sixth week and end of the eighth week of a standard 14-week semester, respectively).

Reports of unsatisfactory ratings submitted by the faculty may be used by the University, including its schools or colleges and its central academic offices, to advise students that their academic performance in certain courses is a cause for concern and to counsel students to seek appropriate assistance in their studies, including assistance from the instructor in the course. Exceptions to this policy may be granted by Deans if early evaluation of student progress is inconsistent with the purpose of the course or presents a significant burden in meeting course objectives. Each Dean shall report such exceptions each semester to the Provost.


  1. Dates of Official Enactment and amendments:
    Adopted by the President on February 6, 2003. Effective on September 1, 2003.
    Amended by the President on August 27, 2014. Effective Fall 2014 semester.
  2. History:
    Secretary's Note: This policy was previously identified as #02.78.15.
    The August 2014 amendment changes the courses covered by the policy and updates the language to reflect the shift from paper to an online rating process.
  3. Cross References