Second Degrees

A second baccalaureate degree may not be the only option available to enhance academic credentials, to prepare for a change in career, or to obtain a professional certification. In some cases, all that may be needed are additional undergraduate courses. Professional schools and organizations, Temple's Career Center, Graduate School, Continuing Studies, Pre-Professional Health Advising, as well as the advising units of the schools and colleges may have more information on alternative paths. In other cases, the student may be encouraged to begin graduate-level academic work in the new discipline.

If a second bachelor's degree is sought, this is possible in some, but not all, schools and colleges of Temple University when the second degree is in a sufficiently different field of study. Students should consult with the Office of the Dean of the school or college offering the desired degree.

A student may earn a second baccalaureate degree provided the requirements for the second degree include a minimum of 45 new semester hours beyond those required for the first degree. Students approved for the second baccalaureate degree will be waived from University requirements (i.e., GenEd requirements). Note: This GenEd waiver does not apply to students with an international baccalaureate degree. Students must provide documentation of equivalency to a domestic bachelor's degree, and upon review, may be approved to complete the 45+ GenEd curriculum. Students with a Temple baccalaureate degree will be waived from the 45 new semester hour requirement, since they will already have met the residency requirements. However, in all cases, students must fulfill all non-waived requirements for the second degree.

Students at the undergraduate level may not be enrolled in concurrent undergraduate degree programs, but may regularly have second majors, or might consider an approved accelerated or joint program with a Temple graduate or professional school, if they meet admissions qualifications. For more information, refer to the list of accelerated programs and requirements.