Undergraduates Taking Graduate Level Courses

Undergraduate students can be approved to register for graduate level coursework. There are three unique options:

Option 1: Be accepted into a +1 accelerated degree program. For more information on accelerated degree programs and eligibility, go to Accelerated Degree Programs in the Undergraduate Bulletin.

Option 2: To fulfill requirements for their undergraduate degree:

  • Undergraduate students may take 5000-level graduate courses with the permission of the instructor and the dean's designee for undergraduate credit. (Undergraduate students who wish to take higher level graduate courses must have the permission of the dean, the Graduate School, and Undergraduate Studies.)
  • After receiving the required approvals, students must meet with their academic advisor who assists with the registration process.
  • The credits and grade(s) appear on the undergraduate transcript and count toward the undergraduate grade point average (GPA) only. The course (credits and grade) cannot be applied to satisfy any graduate degree requirement.

Option 3: To take in addition to their undergraduate degree requirements:

  • Undergraduate students not enrolled in an approved accelerated degree program may take up to two courses totaling no more than 6 credits at the graduate level for graduate credit.
  • To be eligible, students must be seniors who are registered for their final degree applicable credits and have an overall cumulative GPA of at least 3.0.
  • The credits and grade(s) cannot be applied to satisfy any undergraduate degree requirements. The credits and grade(s) appear on the graduate transcript and count toward a graduate GPA only.
  • If students are enrolled in fewer than 12 undergraduate credits, their financial aid may be impacted. For more information consult the Office of Student Financial Services.
  • Students must complete the "Permission for Undergraduate Student to Register for Graduate Course(s) for Graduate Credit" form and obtain the required approvals. After receiving the required approvals, students must submit the form to the Graduate School (501 Carnell Hall).
    • Go to Student tools on the Portal, Find University Forms; Filter by Graduate School and search for this form from the list.
  • Permission to enroll in graduate courses under Option 3 does not constitute a commitment on the part of any department to accept the students as a graduate student in the future.