For most professionals—doctors, accountants, social workers, educators, policy-makers, performers, etc.—writing is an important part of work-life, and writing well often paves the way to professional success. But the kinds of writing that are valued in the professions are typically different from the kinds of writing that students use in school. The writing-intensive course program at Temple University is designed to provide students with a window into the types of writing they may be expected to produce after graduation. To this end, departments and programs have designated specific writing-intensive courses that are part of the major; in these writing courses, students study, write and revise texts that are similar to what they will encounter in their post-Temple careers.

All undergraduate students must complete at least two writing-intensive courses for a total of at least six credits. Students must complete the writing-intensive courses that are specified by their major. The writing-intensive course credits are counted as part of the major; they are not General Education (GenEd) or elective credits.

The specific courses that are required for particular majors can be found within this Undergraduate Bulletin. Writing-intensive courses are identified by the last two digits of the course number: courses numbered xx96, xx97, and xx98 are writing-intensive. These courses can also be identified by the Course Attribute of "WI" (Writing Intensive).

The writing-intensive courses must be completed at Temple University. Students may not transfer in credits to satisfy this requirement. Students who have problems completing their writing-intensive course requirements should contact their advisors.

Since not all writing-intensive courses are offered every semester, students are advised to search the Class Schedule for course availability each semester.

More information about the writing-intensive course program is available at the Student Success Center.