Marketing activities provide critical economic functions for the success of organizations. Companies of all sizes must develop effective marketing strategies to reach customers; this requires an understanding of how to innovate and develop new products, create effective promotional programs, price products and services, and distribute these in a global marketplace. Offered by the Department of Marketing, the Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing provides students with career-ready skills and professional development opportunities.

The Marketing curriculum focuses on today's key marketing activities and performance metrics. The program immerses students in the applied quantitative methods and the behavioral sciences necessary to address contemporary marketing challenges. Experiential and active learning are frequently used in the upper division curriculum; cases and simulations, along with projects—many offered in cooperation with business and government organizations—allow students to apply their experiences to real-life scenarios and build their resumes and competencies.

Students are encouraged to choose major elective course pairings within the major curriculum which offer specific in-depth coverage of topics and provide job-ready skills. These industry focused sequences include: Consumer Insights, Sales Force Effectiveness and Retailing Management.

Campus Locations: Main and Online

Program Code: BU-MKTG-BBA


Marketing majors have varied career choices, including:

  • Advertising, including media planning, social media, or account management;

  • Customer Relationship Management;

  • Data Analytics;

  • Digital Marketing;

  • Service Marketing;

  • Marketing Management;

  • Marketing Research and Consumer Insights;

  • Marketing Coordination for Non-profit organizations such as hospitals and universities;

  • Sales and Sales Management; and

  • Wholesaling and Retail Management, including buying and allocations.

Student Professional Organizations

American Marketing Association

Marketing majors are encouraged to become involved in the American Marketing Association (AMA), a student professional organization that offers students the opportunity to develop their professional network in marketing. The AMA hosts bi-weekly meetings, professional speaker sessions, and career development workshops. The AMA is open to all majors. For more information, please see the AMA web site or contact Professor Sheri Lambert at sheri.lambert@temple.edu or 215-204-7533.

Professional Sales Organization

Marketing Majors may also be interested in joining the Professional Sales Organization (PSO) or the Fashion & Business Club (F&B); each organization offers students access and insight to a variety of career paths in marketing.


Marketing Minor

Students in the Fox School of Business and Management and the School of Sport, Tourism and Hospitality Management who are interested in expanding their career options through a general knowledge of marketing principles and specializing in an area of marketing should consider completing a minor in Marketing. The requirements must be completed prior to graduation. Courses cannot be used to meet minor requirements if already used to meet the requirements for a major or a different minor.

Digital Marketing Minor

The Digital Marketing minor, which is open to all Temple students, prepares students for careers related to customer relationship management, social media, information architecture, e-commerce, search engine optimization, e-detailing, site design, internet research, demographic and sales analytics, blogging, and media design. The Digital Marketing minor is appropriate for all BBA students in the Fox School of Business and Management and is particularly relevant for Marketing, Human Resource Management, Business Management, and Management Information Systems students. It is also ideal for Klein College of Media and Communication students. The requirements must be completed prior to graduation. Courses cannot be used to meet minor requirements if already used to meet the requirements for a major or a different minor.

Accelerated Program: 4+1 Master of Education Degree (MEd)

The 4+1 Master of Education (MEd) accelerated program is designed for students interested in pursuing a Master of Education while completing the Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in Marketing requirements. After completion of the programs, students earn a BBA degree and an MEd in Career and Technical Education with a concentration in Marketing Education, and a Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Instructional I Teaching Certificate in Marketing Education. Learn more about the application process and deadlines.

For more information on the accelerated program, contact:
College of Education and Human Development
+1 Accelerated Program Contact

Contact Information

Joydeep Srivastava, Marketing Department Chair
Alter Hall, Room 515

Melissa Glenn, Marketing Department Deputy Chair
Alter Hall, Room 518

Learn more about the Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing.

These requirements are for students who matriculated in academic year 2023-2024. Students who matriculated prior to fall 2023 should refer to the Archives to view the requirements for their Bulletin year.

Summary of Requirements

University Requirements

All new students are required to complete the university's General Education (GenEd) curriculum.

Note that students not continuously enrolled who have not been approved for a Leave of Absence or study elsewhere must follow University requirements current at the time of re-enrollment.

College Requirements

Students must meet College Graduation Requirements for the Bachelor of Business Administration, including the requirements of the major listed below. Marketing students must attain an overall GPA of 2.0 and a 2.0 GPA in the major to graduate.

Major Requirements

Students must follow the Major Requirements and College Requirements current at the time of declaration. Students not continuously enrolled who have not been approved for a Leave of Absence or study elsewhere must follow University, College, and Major requirements current at the time of re-enrollment.

Requirements of the Marketing Major

Required Courses
MKTG 3509Customer Data Analytics3
MKTG 3511Marketing Research3
MKTG 3596Consumer and Buyer Behavior3
MKTG 4501Marketing Strategy 13
Marketing Electives
Select two of the following:6
Integrated Marketing Communications
Professional Selling and Sales Management
Retail Management
Digital Marketing
Service Marketing
Sustainable Consumer Centric Innovation
Special Topics - Marketing
Marketing Internship/Co-Operative Experience 2
Independent Study 2
Total Credit Hours18

This major capstone is taken in the final semester and all prerequisites must be met.


MKTG 3581 and MKTG 3582 are not offered every semester and offered at the discretion of the department. Permission of department required. Contact the Department's Deputy Chair for information.

Note: Some courses listed above have minimum grade requirements. Click the course for details.

Recommended Electives for Industry Focused Course Sequences

Consumer Insights
MKTG 3501Integrated Marketing Communications3
or MKTG 3513 Service Marketing
MKTG 3508Digital Marketing3
Sales Force Effectiveness
MKTG 3501Integrated Marketing Communications3
or MKTG 3508 Digital Marketing
MKTG 3504Professional Selling and Sales Management3
Retail Management
MKTG 3508Digital Marketing3
or MKTG 3514 Sustainable Consumer Centric Innovation
MKTG 3506Retail Management3

Suggested Academic Plan

Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing

Suggested Plan for New Students Starting in the 2023-2024 Academic Year

Please note that this plan is suggested only, ensuring prerequisites are met.

Plan of Study Grid
Year 1
FallCredit Hours
STAT 1001 Quantitative Methods for Business I 3
ECON 1101 Macroeconomic Principles 3
HRM 1101 Leadership and Organizational Management 3
ENG 0802
Analytical Reading and Writing
or Analytical Reading and Writing: ESL
or Honors Writing About Literature
GenEd Breadth Course 3
 Credit Hours16
STAT 1102 Quantitative Methods for Business II 4
ECON 1102 Microeconomic Principles 3
BA 1103 Legal and Ethical Reasoning in Business 3
IH 0851
Intellectual Heritage I: The Good Life
or Honors Intellectual Heritage I: The Good Life
GenEd Breadth Course 3
 Credit Hours16
Year 2
ACCT 2103 Financial and Managerial Accounting for Decision Making 4
STAT 2103 Statistical Business Analytics (waives GenEd Quantitative Literacy requirement) 4
MIS 2101 Digital Systems 3
IH 0852
Intellectual Heritage II: The Common Good
or Honors Intellectual Heritage II: The Common Good
GenEd Breadth Course 3
 Credit Hours17
MKTG 2101
Marketing Management
or Honors Marketing Management
BA 2101 Professional Development Strategies 1
BA 2196
Business Communications
or Honors Business Communications
Select one of the following: 1 3
Turning Numbers into Knowledge: Visualizing Data
Business Analytics: Modern Data Science Techniques
RMI 2101 Introduction to Risk Management 3
GenEd Breadth Course 3
 Credit Hours16
Year 3
FIN 3101
Financial Management
or Honors Financial Management
MSOM 3101
Operations Management
or Honors Operations Management
MKTG 3596 Consumer and Buyer Behavior 3
MKTG 3511 Marketing Research 3
Business Elective 2 3
 Credit Hours15
MKTG 3509 Customer Data Analytics 3
Marketing Elective 1 3 3
Business Elective 2 3
GenEd Breadth Course 3
GenEd Breadth Course 3
 Credit Hours15
Year 4
BA 4102 Strategic Management 3
Marketing Elective 2 3 3
Business Elective 2 3
GenEd Breadth Course 3
Free Elective 3
 Credit Hours15
MKTG 4501 Marketing Strategy 3
Free Elective 3
Free Elective 3
Free Elective 3
Free Elective 2
 Credit Hours14
 Total Credit Hours124

Please check with your departmental advisor on which course is most appropriate for the major.


2000-3999 electives can be selected from: ACCT, AS, BA, ECON, FIN, HRM, IB, LGLS, MIS, MKTG, RE, RMI, STAT, SCM, SGM. Please see your advisor for elective suggestions that match your career objectives.


See Major Requirements for MKTG elective course options.