The Minor in Finance, offered by the Department of Finance, allows students to obtain a deeper understanding of financial principles and learn about their applications to various problems faced by decision-makers in the corporate, financial and government sectors. It develops marketable skills and expands job opportunities for non-finance majors.

The minor is open to all students.

Campus Locations: Main and Online

Contact Information

Oleg Rytchkov, Department Chair
Alter Hall, Room 420

Cindy Axelrod, Deputy Department Chair
Alter Hall, Room 422


  • Eleven courses are required (six of these courses must be taken at Temple University):
    Select one of the following:3-4
    Financial Accounting
    Financial and Managerial Accounting for Decision Making
    ECON 1101Macroeconomic Principles3
    ECON 1102Microeconomic Principles3
    FIN 3101Financial Management3
    Pre-Calculus/Calculus sequence7-8
    Quantitative Methods for Business I
    and Quantitative Methods for Business II
    College Algebra
    and Differential and Integral Calculus
    and Calculus I
    STAT 2103Statistical Business Analytics4
    FIN 3504Intermediate Corporate Finance (must be completed at Temple)3
    FIN 3507Security Analysis and Portfolio Management3
    Select two of the following:6
    Bank Enterprise Risk Management
    Derivatives and Financial Risk Management
    Real Estate Investment and Finance
    Financial Modeling
    Financial Statement Analysis
    Financial Markets and Institutions for Business
    Financial Data Analysis
    Advanced Portfolio Analysis
    Commercial Credit Essentials
    International Finance
    Owl Fund Seminar 1
    Advanced Owl Fund Seminar 1
    Total Credit Hours35-37

    Requires permission of the instructor.

  • Minimum grades of C are required in all FIN courses. Minimum grades of C- required in all other courses. 
  • A grade point average of 2.0 in the minor is required.
  • FIN courses cannot be used to meet minor requirements if already used to meet the requirements for a major or a different minor or certificate.
  • Courses for the minor must be completed prior to graduation; if completed, the minor will be recorded on the final transcript upon graduation.
  • To declare or rescind this minor, visit the Fox School of Business and Management.

Interested students should discuss with their home college advisors how the courses in the minor will fit into their overall degree plan and are strongly encouraged to declare the minor early in their academic career.