Offered by the Department of Statistics, Operations, and Data Science the Minor in Business Analytics is open to Fox School of Business and Management and School of Sport, Tourism and Hospitality Management (STHM) students with a minimum GPA of 3.0. Fox and STHM students will learn how to unlock the value buried in corporate data and create new business opportunities using cutting-edge tools and techniques in predictive modeling, forecasting, association mining, cluster analysis, decision trees, unstructured "big" data, sentiment analysis, and experimental design. This minor is ideal for Marketing and Management Information Systems students seeking more experience with Data Analytics.

Campus Location: Main

Contact Information

Lauren Burns, Deputy Chair and Academic Director


  • Three prerequisite courses are required for this minor:
    MIS 2101Digital Systems 13
    MKTG 2101Marketing Management 13
    STAT 2103Statistical Business Analytics 14

    Minimum grades of C are required in prerequisite courses and are not calculated in the minor GPA.

  • Five courses are required (three must be taken at Temple University). Recommended sequence is listed below:
    MIS 2502Data and Analytics 13
    STAT 2521Data Analysis and Statistical Computing3
    MKTG 3509Customer Data Analytics3
    STAT 2523Design of Experiments and Quality Control (Fall only)3
    MKTG 3508Digital Marketing3
    Total Credit Hours15

    MIS majors will substitute a course chosen from: MIS 3505, MIS 3536, MIS 3538, MIS 3581, MKTG 3511, STAT 2512, or STAT 2522.

  • A grade point average of 2.0 in the minor is required as well as a minimum grade of C- in each course. A minimum grade of C is required in MIS 2502.
  • Courses cannot be used to meet minor requirements if already used to meet the requirements for a major or a different minor or certificate.
  • Courses for the minor must be completed prior to graduation; if completed, the minor will be recorded on the final transcript upon graduation.
  • For more information, visit the Statistics, Operations, and Data Science department.
  • To declare or rescind this minor, visit the Fox School of Business and Management.

Interested students should discuss with their home college advisors how the courses in the minor will fit into their overall degree plan and are strongly encouraged to declare the minor early in their academic career.