Entrepreneurship & Innovation Management Minor

At their core, entrepreneurs are creative problem-solvers that are driven to identify and grab hold of opportunities. Anyone can be entrepreneurial — whether you want to start the next Facebook, take control of your work-life balance with a lifestyle business, have a positive impact on the world with a social venture, or drive change and innovation in an existing company. The EIM Minor prepares students to start a business, run a consulting or freelancing practice, be a productive member of an entrepreneurial or small business, assume responsibilities in a family business, or become an effective manager in a growing, innovative business.

Our EIM courses and programs are designed to be real-world relevant and high impact. Students will get out of the classroom to work on ideas and ventures that they are passionate about as they learn practical approaches to creativity, innovation, idea generation, business models, feasibility analysis, market research, strategic planning, and venture financing. We believe there is no better time than while you are in school to launch your venture and will do everything possible to help you achieve this dream.

  • Open to business or non-business students. Non-business students can also consider the Certificate in Entrepreneurship & Innovation Management.
  • Eight courses are prerequisites1 for the minor:
    ECON 1101Macroeconomic Principles3
    ECON 1102Microeconomic Principles3
    HRM 1101Leadership and Organizational Management3
    ACCT 2101Financial Accounting3
    ACCT 2102Managerial Accounting3
    or ACCT 2521 Cost Accounting
    MKTG 2101Marketing Management3
    RMI 2101Introduction to Risk Management3
    STAT 2103Statistical Business Analytics (or STAT 2101 or MATH 1013)4
    One of the following can be substitute for STAT 2103 if required for the student's program:
    Probability, Statistics & Stochastic Methods
    Foundations in Statistical Methods
    Inferential Methods in Psychology
    Social Statistics
    Statistical Methods in Sociology
    Total Credit Hours25
  • Eight course alternate prerequisites1 for the minor:
    ACCT 2101Financial Accounting3
    ECON 1101Macroeconomic Principles3
    HRM 1101Leadership and Organizational Management3
    MKTG 2101Marketing Management3
    RMI 2501Fundamentals of Personal Financial Planning3
    Three electives chosen from the menu of the General Business Studies Minor, excluding SGM courses listed below. 29
    Total Credit Hours24
  • Three departmental courses are required (two must be taken at Temple University):
    Select one Entrepreneurial Thinking Elective: 13
    Entrepreneurial and Innovative Thinking
    Ready, Fire, Aim: Launching a Profitable Micro-venture in 100 Days
    Select one Entrepreneurial Management Elective:3
    Lean Startup: Fast & Frugal Approaches to High-Impact New Ventures, Product Invention, & Innovation
    Doing Well by Doing Good: Where Innovation and Entrepreneurship Meet Social Impact
    Select one Entrepreneurial Action Elective:3
    Be Your Own Boss: Planning to Start Your Own Business
    Finance Your Ideas: Crowdfunding, Grants, Banks, Venture Funds, Corporate and Private Investment 2
    Special Topics - Strategic Management 3
    Independent Study 4
    Strategic Planning: The Business Plan as a Strategic Tool for Existing Businesses and Entrepreneurs
    Total Credit Hours9
  • A grade point average of 2.0 as well as a minimum grade of C- in each course is required unless otherwise specified.
  • Courses cannot be used to meet minor requirements if already used to meet the requirements for a major or a different minor or certificate.
  • Courses for the minor must be completed prior to graduation; if completed, the minor will be recorded on the final transcript upon graduation.
  • To declare or rescind this minor, visit the Fox School of Business and Management.

Interested students should discuss with their home college advisors how the courses in the minor will fit into their overall degree plan and are strongly encouraged to declare the minor early in their academic career.