Entrepreneurship & Innovation Management Certificate

Entrepreneurs are creative problem-solvers that are driven to have a big impact on the world. The Certificate in Entrepreneurship & Innovation Management is designed to provide coursework to support alternative, entrepreneurial career paths for students across the university; to promote the entrepreneurial spirit by fostering opportunity, recognition, and resource acquisition that leads to innovation and invention; and to increase awareness of, and participation in, entrepreneurial opportunities available to all Temple students.

Have you ever imagined owning your own company? Or thought about freelancing or consulting in your respective field? Have you wondered if some technology you have been working with might be worth millions (or might help you win $100k+ in the BYOBB)? Or maybe you would just like to work in the creative, dynamic environment that is found in entrepreneurial companies.

Interest in entrepreneurship across the university, from students in all departments, is at an all-time high. With greater opportunity and more infrastructure than ever before, many people wonder if owning their own business may be a reasonable and exciting career option. In addition, since start-ups are the major engine for growth and new jobs in this economy, having experience with entrepreneurship is valuable for any individuals that will work in one of these high-growth firms. Finally, more than one team of students from non-business schools enrolled in courses in this certificate program have won the BYOBB in the past. Owning your own business may be closer than ever before.

This certificate will be jointly issued by the Fox School of Business and Management and its partner schools and will appear on the student's transcript. Having an Entrepreneurship & Innovation Management certificate on your transcript is an indicator that you are a proactive, self-starter who can creatively solve problems and turn your ideas into reality. Even if you plan to work in a well-established company, having this business school certificate shows that you are able to go beyond your functional expertise and innovate when it counts. Companies are looking for what they call “T-shaped” employees for entry level and managerial positions. These are individuals that have specialization in a relevant field as well as broad understanding of the business environment that allows them to approach issues from a strategic, outside-the-box, boundary spanning perspective. This is part of what you will learn in our certificate program.

  • Open to non-business students only. 
  • Business students should consider the Entrepreneurship & Innovation Management minor or a dual major instead.
  • Students must complete the following three-course sequence:
    Select one Entrepreneurial Thinking elective: 13
    Entrepreneurial and Innovative Thinking
    Ready, Fire, Aim: Launching a Profitable Micro-venture in 100 Days
    Select one Entrepreneurial Management elective:3
    Entrepreneurial Engineering (Engineering students only)
    Creating a Media Business
    Becoming a Manager: Building, Leading, and Managing New and Small Businesses
    Doing Well by Doing Good: Where Innovation and Entrepreneurship Meet Social Impact
    Special Topics - Strategic Management 2
    Select one Entrepreneurial Action elective:3
    Special Topics (Engineering students only)
    Be Your Own Boss: Planning to Start Your Own Business
    Finance Your Ideas: Crowdfunding, Grants, Banks, Venture Funds, Corporate and Private Investment 3
    Special Topics - Strategic Management 2
    Independent Study 4
    Total Credit Hours9
  • Courses cannot be used to meet certificate requirements if already used to meet the requirements for a major or a different minor or certificate.
  • For more information and to declare or rescind this certificate, contact the entrepreneurship advisor in the Center for Undergraduate Advising, Fox School of Business, Speakman 101.

Interested students should discuss with their home college advisors or with personnel in the Innovation & Entrepreneurship Institute (503 Alter Hall) how the courses in the certificate will fit into their overall degree plan. Students are strongly encouraged to declare the certificate early in their academic career.