Sales Minor

  • Open only to business students.
  • Provides Fox students an opportunity to augment their major by adding skills to support a career strategy associated with skills and expertise of selling and customer relationship management.
  • Two courses are prerequisites for this minor:
    HRM 1101Leadership and Organizational Management 13
    MKTG 2101Marketing Management 23
    Total Credit Hours6
  • Four courses are required (three of these must be taken at Temple University):
    MKTG 3504Sales and Sales Management3
    MKTG 3507Direct Marketing3
    or MKTG 3512 Professional Selling
    HRM 3501Power, Influence and Negotiation3
    Select one of the following:3
    Leading People at Work
    Communicating in Organizations
    Leadership in the 21st Century
    Honors, The Leadership Experience: Leading Yourself, Leading Change, Leading Communities
    Total Credit Hours12
  • Courses cannot be used to meet minor requirements if already used to meet the requirements for a major or a different minor or certificate.
  • Marketing majors who declare the Sales Minor will complete MKTG 3507 or MKTG 3512 as well as two other Marketing electives for the Marketing major.
  • Business Management majors who declare the Sales Minor will complete:
    MKTG 3504Sales and Sales Management3
    MKTG 3512Professional Selling3
    HRM 3504Leadership in the 21st Century3
    Select one of the following:3
    HR Metrics: Using Data, Scorecards and Dashboards to Drive Business Performance
    Labor Relations: Strategy and Practice
    The Consulting Engagement: Managing Projects and Change
    Conflict Processes
    Mediation: Principles and Practice
    Facilitating Group Decision-Making
    Total Credit Hours12
  • A cumulative grade point average of 2.0 in the minor is required, as well as a minimum grade of C- in each course unless otherwise specified.
  • Courses for the minor must be completed prior to graduation; if completed, the minor will be recorded on the final transcript upon graduation.
  • To declare or rescind this minor, visit the Fox School of Business and Management.