Certificate in Theater Education

The Certificate in Theater Education allows undergraduates from other disciplines to pursue their interest in education combined with Theater courses, adds to student's self-confidence and presentation skills, and makes the student doubly marketable and employable because they have an extra skillset applicable to classes, after-school activities, and a better classroom presence. While students may not be outright Theater majors, they may have a desire to teach drama or lead drama after-school programs in a secondary setting. Their desire to one day enter the classroom - even teaching some other area such as math, science, social studies, or special education - is what drives them to also go for the Certificate in Theater Education. The Certificate in Theater Education allows a student to gain theater training which would enable them to take on additional responsibilities once attaining a job teaching another area. Skills acquired from the Certificate in Theater Education include confidence in public speaking and presentation, creativity, collaboration, professionalism and empathy, which are qualities enhanced through the study within the Department of Theater coursework.

As part of this program, Theater offers the undergraduate Certificate in Theater Education on the Main Campus only. The undergraduate certificate consists of a five-course, 15-credit sequence.

Students must be concurrently enrolled in a baccalaureate degree and the certificate to earn the certificate.

Students interested in declaring this certificate in the Department of Theater can do so by submitting a Change of Program Request form to Theater Advisor Lara Taylor Strayer (larataylor@temple.edu). If approved, the form will be submitted electronically to the Office of the University Registrar. In 3 to 5 business days, the request will be processed and then visible within Self-Service Banner (Student Information).

To seek assistance in monitoring their progress with the certificate declared, students are asked to meet with Matthew Miller (mbmiller@temple.edu, 215-204-4263). Meetings should take place regularly from the time of declaration to applying for graduation within their home school/college.


A grade of C- or higher must be earned in all required courses, except where noted.

THTR 1411Welcome Backstage (must earn a grade of C or higher)3
THTR 1202Fundamentals of Voice and Movement3
THTR 2441Stage Management I 13
THTR 3011Methods of Teaching Artistry3
THTR 3013Methods of Teaching Theater3
Total Credit Hours15