Temple Theaters has established itself as one of the finest theater training programs in the nation. The faculty are accomplished professionals and scholars who generously offer their expertise and great passion for the craft and creation of theater. As a theater department in the culturally rich city of Philadelphia, Temple University's Department of Theater is immersed in and among some of the most important regional and national theaters in the country.

The Bachelor of Fine Arts in Musical Theater is focused on building well-rounded, versatile "triple-threat" artists who have developed the prerequisite skills and tools necessary for a life as a theater professional. The training provided in the degree ensures technical aptitude and an immersion into the genre, history and artistry of musical theater, while foundational theater courses guarantee a broad knowledge of theater. Furthermore, Temple's excellent general education requirements safeguard that BFA students receive a well-rounded, comprehensive experience to accompany their training in musical theater.

The Theater department boasts a half century of excellence in theater training, and BFA candidates also benefit from interdisciplinary training in the Boyer College of Music and Dance, as both are housed in the Center for the Performing and Cinematic Arts. Other course requirements include Acting I–III, Senior Cabaret Workshop, Fitzmaurice Voice Technique, Musical Theater: Dress Rehearsal, Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Musical Theater Dance Techniques, Music Theory, Ear Training, Choral Ensemble and Theater as a Profession.

Students have the chance to participate in productions including musicals, student-directed productions, dramas, showcases, singing ensembles, dance performances and workshops conducted by visiting artists. Recent on-campus productions include Sunday in the Park with George, Side Show, Guys and Dolls, Merrily We Roll Along, Brigadoon, Hair, Oklahoma!, Spring Awakening, A Chorus Line, Rent, Urinetown, and Sweeney Todd. Guest artists have included: Telly Leung, Shoshana Bean, Adam Gwon, Chad Beguelin, Barbara Cook, David Garrison, Jonathan Groff, Marc Kudisch, Baayork Lee, John McDaniel, Marcia Milgrom-Dodge, Melba Moore, Hugh Panaro (a Temple alum), Pasek and Paul, and Lauren Worsham.

The successful theater student graduates from our program with excellent communication and collaboration skills, a broad-based and substantive liberal arts background, developed abilities within the discipline of theater, a peerless commitment to achieving and appreciating artistic excellence, and a passion for life-long learning that will enable success in a wide variety of future endeavors. Our alumni are not only successful artists in theater and all of the entertainment industries, but they are also leaders in many other fields. We strive to graduate well-educated and enlightened "Citizen Artists" who possess the creative capacity and commitment to make a difference in the quality of community life regardless of their chosen field of endeavor.

Campus Location: Main

Program Code: CA-MUST-BFA


The Department of Theater is accredited by the National Association of Schools of Theatre (NAST) and is a member of the University Resident Theater Association (U/RTA). These affiliations characterize it as amongst an elite group of highly-recognized Theater Programs. The Theater department was recently ranked by U.S. News & World Report among the top 25 theater programs in the nation.

Contact Information

Department Office
Tomlinson Theater, Room 209

Fred Duer, MFA, Chair
Tomlinson Theater, Room 210A

Peter Reynolds, MFA, Assistant Chair
Tomlinson Theater, Room 210B

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These requirements are for students who matriculated in academic year 2023-2024. Students who matriculated prior to fall 2023 should refer to the Archives to view the requirements for their Bulletin year.

Summary of Requirements for the Degree

The Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Musical Theater may be conferred upon a student by recommendation of the faculty and by satisfactory completion of a minimum of 124 credit hours.

  • University Requirements: All students are required to complete the university's General Education (GenEd) curriculum.
  • There will be no requirement to take the GenEd Arts course if all of the following courses are completed with a C- or better: THTR 1096 , THTR 1202 and THTR 1231. If the student changes majors before completing all three courses, s/he must complete a GenEd Arts course to satisfy the requirement for General Education.
  • All students must take a minimum of two writing-intensive courses. The specific writing-intensive courses required for this major are listed below and identified with the code "WI".
  • Students must complete Theater Department foundation courses with a grade of C or better in each course.
  • No more than 20 credits of work in the major field may be transferred from another institution. Students must complete at least 16 semester hours in Theater courses at Temple University.
  • All Theater majors must take placement tests in English and mathematics. If a student places into ENG 0701 or MATH 0701 or MATH 0702, these courses must be completed prior to taking the General Education requirement for English and Quantitative Literacy.

Major Requirements

Theater Requirements
THTR 1087Production Practicum (eight times)8
THTR 1096Introduction to Theater Process (WI)3
THTR 1202Fundamentals of Voice and Movement3
THTR 1141Voice I for Musical Theater1
THTR 1142Voice II for Musical Theater1
THTR 1231Acting I3
THTR 1411Welcome Backstage3
THTR 2101Ballet I for Musical Theater1
THTR 2121Ballet II for Musical Theater1
THTR 2141Voice III for Musical Theater1
THTR 2231Speech for the Actor3
THTR 2261Acting II3
THTR 3001History of the Theater I3
THTR 3012American Musical Theater3
THTR 3101Jazz I for Musical Theater1
THTR 3121Jazz II for Musical Theater1
THTR 3131Advanced Jazz for Musical Theater (twice)2
THTR 3132Musical Theater Voice & Acting3
THTR 3151Ballet III for Musical Theater1
THTR 3279Acting III3
THTR 4097World of the Play (WI)3
THTR 4101Tap for Musical Theater1
THTR 4121Musical Theater Dance Techniques1
THTR 4132Senior Cabaret Workshop3
THTR 4221Theater as a Profession3 to 4
Music Requirements
MUSC 1201Voice Concentration2
MUSC 1202Voice Concentration2
MUSC 1407Piano for Non-Music Majors I1
MUSC 2201Voice Concentration2
MUSC 2202Voice Concentration2
MUSC 3201Voice Concentration2
MUSC 3202Voice Concentration2
MUSC 3231Musical Theater Scene Study2
MUSC 3232Musical Theater Voice & Acting2
MUSC 3300Choral Ensemble (three times)3
MUSC 4201Voice Concentration2
MUSC 4202Voice Concentration2
MUSC 4233Musical Theater: Dress Rehearsal2
MUST 1701Music Theory for Non-Music Majors2
MUST 1705Music Theory for Non-Music Majors II3
MUST 1741Aural Theory I2

Suggested Academic Plan

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Musical Theater

Suggested Plan for New Students Starting in the 2023-2024 Academic Year

Plan of Study Grid
Year 1
FallCredit Hours
THTR 1087 Production Practicum 1
THTR 2101 Ballet I for Musical Theater 1
MUST 1701 Music Theory for Non-Music Majors 2
THTR 1202 Fundamentals of Voice and Movement 3
THTR 1231 Acting I 3
MUSC 1201 Voice Concentration 2
MUSC 3300 Choral Ensemble 1
ENG 0802
Analytical Reading and Writing
or Analytical Reading and Writing: ESL
or Honors Writing About Literature
 Credit Hours17
THTR 1087 Production Practicum 1
THTR 1141 Voice I for Musical Theater 1
THTR 2121 Ballet II for Musical Theater 1
THTR 1096 Introduction to Theater Process 3
MUSC 1202 Voice Concentration 2
THTR 2231 Speech for the Actor 3
THTR 1411 Welcome Backstage 3
MUSC 3300 Choral Ensemble 1
GenEd Breadth Course 3
 Credit Hours18
Year 2
THTR 1087 Production Practicum 1
MUST 1741 Aural Theory I 2
THTR 2261 Acting II 3
THTR 3101 Jazz I for Musical Theater 1
MUSC 2201 Voice Concentration 2
MUSC 3300 Choral Ensemble 1
IH 0851
Intellectual Heritage I: The Good Life
or Honors Intellectual Heritage I: The Good Life
GenEd Quantitative Literacy Course GQ 4
 Credit Hours17
THTR 1087 Production Practicum 1
MUSC 3231 Musical Theater Scene Study 2
MUST 1705 Music Theory for Non-Music Majors II 3
THTR 3121 Jazz II for Musical Theater 1
MUSC 2202 Voice Concentration 2
THTR 3151 Ballet III for Musical Theater 1
IH 0852
Intellectual Heritage II: The Common Good
or Honors Intellectual Heritage II: The Common Good
GenEd Breadth Course 3
 Credit Hours16
Year 3
THTR 1087 Production Practicum 1
THTR 1142 Voice II for Musical Theater 1
MUSC 1407 Piano for Non-Music Majors I 1
THTR 3001 History of the Theater I 3
THTR 3279 Acting III 3
MUSC 3232 Musical Theater Voice & Acting 2
MUSC 3201 Voice Concentration 2
THTR 3131 Advanced Jazz for Musical Theater 1
GenEd Breadth Course 3
 Credit Hours17
THTR 1087 Production Practicum 1
THTR 2141 Voice III for Musical Theater 1
THTR 3012 American Musical Theater 3
MUSC 3202 Voice Concentration 2
THTR 4101 Tap for Musical Theater 1
THTR 3132 Musical Theater Voice & Acting 3
GenEd Breadth Course 3
 Credit Hours14
Year 4
THTR 1087 Production Practicum 1
MUSC 4233 Musical Theater: Dress Rehearsal 2
MUSC 4201 Voice Concentration 2
THTR 3131 Advanced Jazz for Musical Theater 1
THTR 4097 World of the Play 3
THTR 4221 Theater as a Profession 3
GenEd Breadth Course 3
 Credit Hours15
THTR 1087 Production Practicum 1
THTR 4121 Musical Theater Dance Techniques 1
MUSC 4202 Voice Concentration 2
THTR 4132 Senior Cabaret Workshop 3
GenEd Breadth Course 3
 Credit Hours10
 Total Credit Hours124