The Certificate in Film, offered by the Department of Film and Media Arts, introduces students to both the study and production of film. It is open to all Temple University undergraduates. The certificate requires four courses:

  • FMA 1141 Film, Video and Interactive Foundations I, which is an introductory production course that emphasizes individual students' rigorous exploration of creative, personal visions, along with mainstream applications;
  • FMA 1142 Film, Video and Interactive Foundations II, which is a second-level production course that adds an increased emphasis on aesthetics, genres, writing, and project design;
  • FMA 1171 Media & Culture, which concentrates on the cultural production, distribution, and reception of film and media arts; and,
  • FMA 1172 Introduction to Film and Video Analysis, which introduces students to the conceptual and theoretical tools to analyze film, television and video.

All four courses count toward the Film and Media Arts major if students decide they want to continue on.

Students who complete the certificate will achieve the following learning outcomes:

  • Experience translating creative, personal vision into audio and video projects;
  • Consideration of personal work in the context of larger aesthetic theories;
  • Initial experience in writing for film as well as working from a script;
  • An overview of the role of film, video and media arts in the larger American culture; and,
  • Experience analyzing film, television and video from a number of critical perspectives.

Assessment is based on creative audio, video and media arts projects; written scripts; written papers and examinations.

Campus Location: Main

Program Code: CA-FILM-CERT

Contact Information

TFMA Academic Advising
Mitten Hall, Suite 200 West

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FMA 1141Film, Video and Interactive Foundations I4
FMA 1142Film, Video and Interactive Foundations II 14
FMA 1171Media & Culture3
FMA 1172Introduction to Film and Video Analysis3
Total Credit Hours14

Students must first receive at least a C in FMA 1141 before enrolling in FMA 1142.