The Certificate in Screen Studies, offered by the Department of Film and Media Arts, introduces students to the study and the history of film, experimental film, video art and/or media arts. The certificate requires four courses:

  • FMA 1141 Film, Video and Interactive Foundations I, which is an introductory production course that emphasizes individual students' rigorous exploration of creative, personal visions, along with mainstream applications;
  • FMA 1171 Media & Culture, which concentrates on the cultural production, distribution, and reception of film and media arts;
  • FMA 1172 Introduction to Film and Video Analysis, which introduces students to the conceptual and theoretical tools to analyze film, television, and video; and,
  • A Film or Media Arts History course selected from a specific list.

Students who complete the certificate will achieve the following learning outcomes:

  • Experience translating creative, personal vision into audio and video projects;
  • Consideration of personal work in the context of larger aesthetic theories;
  • An overview of the role of film, video and media arts in the larger American culture;
  • Experience analyzing film, television and video from a number of critical perspectives; and,
  • An historical awareness of the development of Film and Video, of New Media, or of Experimental Film and Video Art.

Assessment is based on creative audio, video and media arts projects; blogs; critical papers and/or examinations.

Campus Location: Main

Program Code: CA-SCRS-CERT

Contact Information

Chris Cagle, Associate Professor

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FMA 1141Film, Video and Interactive Foundations I4
FMA 1171Media & Culture3
FMA 1172Introduction to Film and Video Analysis3
Select one of the following Film or Media Arts History courses: 13-4
Survey of New Media
Film History I (1895-1950)
Film History II (1950-Present)
History of Experimental Film and Video Art
Total Credit Hours13-14

Students must first receive at least a C in FMA 1171 and FMA 1172 before enrolling in this course.