Minor in Communication Studies

Scott Gratson, Ph.D., Program Director
9C Annenberg Hall

The focus of the Communication Studies program is on the academic (aesthetic, analytical, critical, historical, theoretical) and interdisciplinary study of communication and media.

The minor requires students to take two foundational courses (6 credits) introducing students to the broad concepts of communication in public life and of media history and convergence. Students then take one course from each of the following categories (12 credits): Communication Theory, Research Methods, Analysis, and Cross-Cultural Perspectives.

Unlike Communication Studies majors, students are not required to take advanced coursework. 

The minor is available to undergraduate students in any major except Communication Studies. Other Klein students may declare the minor, but all minor requirements must be separate from major requirements, with the exception of MSP 1021.


Students will complete a total of 18 credits in the Communication Studies minor.

All students must take the following foundation courses (6 credits):

CMST 1111Communication and Public Life3
MSP 1021Introduction to Media Analysis3

All students will take four additional core courses (12 credits). They will select one course each from the categories below:

Communication Theory
ADV 1101Introduction to Media and Society3
ADV 1102Introduction to Advertising3
JRN 1111Journalism and Society3
MSP 1011Introduction to Media Theory3
Research Methods
ADV 2141Introduction to Brand Strategy and Research3
JRN 2101Journalism Research3
MSP 2141Media Research3
ADV 2151Introduction to Art Direction: Visual Communication3
MSP 2421Media Popular Culture3
CSI 1111Introduction to Public Speaking3
or CSI 1911 Honors Introduction to Public Speaking
Cross-Cultural Perspectives
CSI 3701Intercultural Communication3
CSI 3702Communication, Culture and Identity3

Students must earn at least a C- in all required courses.