The Lew Klein College of Media and Communication has partnered with Temple University Rome (TU Rome) and Temple University Japan (TU Japan) to offer an 18–20-credit (at least 6 courses) Minor in Global Communication and Media Arts (GCMA). This program is designed to provide undergraduate students from a wide range of academic backgrounds and interests, and especially students already studying at TU Rome or TU Japan, or who may be planning to study on one of Temple's international campuses, with an international education in communication arts and media production.

To earn the GCMA minor, students, who can be from any major, must successfully complete at least nine of the minor's 18–20 credits on one of Temple's international campuses: TU Rome or TU Japan. If desired, students can complete all 18–20 credits for the minor on one or both of Temple's international campuses. However, a maximum of 10 credits completed on Temple's Main campus can count toward the GCMA minor. In other words, a student could complete the entire GCMA minor without taking any courses on Temple's Main campus.

Students majoring in Advertising, Communication and Social Influence, Film and Media Arts, Journalism, or Media Studies and Production may count up to 3 credits (1 course) from the array of courses in the minor toward both their major and the minor. Should students decide to pursue a major in one of these programs, any courses from the minor's array that were completed from that major can be applied to the major; however, only 3 credits can count toward completing both the major and the minor.

Campus Locations: Japan, Rome


To earn the Global Communication and Media Arts Minor transcript notation, a student must successfully complete a total of 18–20 credits of courses from the Klein College of Media and Communication and from the Department of Film and Media Arts. The minor requires that a minimum of 9 credits—and up to all—of the 18–20 credit hours must be taken on the campuses of either TU Rome or TU Japan, or both, and a maximum of 10 credit hours can be completed on Temple's Main campus. Each course that fulfills a requirement for the minor must be passed with a C- or better.

Required Course
Select one of the following: 13
Introduction to Media and Society
Journalism and Society
Introduction to Media Analysis
Select from the following list of courses, for a total of 15-17 credits: 215-17
Digital Media and Advertising
Personal Branding
Introduction to Art Direction: Visual Communication
Resistance, Protests, and Social Movements
Intercultural and Cross Cultural Conflict
Social Activism and Community Organizing
Intercultural Communication
Communication, Culture and Identity
Sports Writing
Travel Writing
Writing Arts Criticism
Documentary Photography
Ethnic and Alternative News Media
Introduction to Media Business
Introduction to Media Production
Travel Writing
Media and Cultural Differences
Media and the Environment
Global Media
Mobile Media
Creating a Media Business
Global Communication and Leadership
Media Arts for Non-Production Majors
Media & Culture
Introduction to Film and Video Analysis
Video Production for Non-Production Majors 3
History of Experimental Film and Video Art
Cross-Cultural Image Making 4
Total Credit Hours18-20

At TU Rome and TU Japan, these courses may be cross-listed.


Not all of these courses will be offered at TU Rome or TU Japan every semester, but a select group will be offered regularly on both campuses.


Must be taken with FMA 3247.


Students without filmmaking experience must also take FMA 2245.