Sports Media Certificate

Learn more about the undergraduate certificate in Sports Media.

The Sports Media Certificate gives Klein College students the opportunity to gain experience and expertise in the fields of journalism, advertising, public relations, media, and communication by completing a minimum of 18 credit hours in designated sports media courses offered across the college. The Sports Media Certificate enables Klein College to compete with a variety of peer and aspirant universities for students embarking on careers dealing with some phase of sports media. Because the certificate will be noted on students' transcripts, the program is expected to enhance the possibility of employment in a variety of sports media fields as well as create a foundation for research on the topic of sports media.


Required Course
JRN 3763The Influence of Sports Media on Modern Society3
Select five courses from the following:15
Sports Writing
Advanced Sports Reporting
Beyond the Lines: Producing Sports Journalism
Race, Ethnicity and Gender Influence on Sports Coverage
Communicating Sports Statistics and Data
Sports Production Practicum 1
Genres of Media Production
Sports Production Practicum 1
Television Production Workshop Practicum
Sports Media Relations
Conflict and Communication Behavior
Communicating Civil Engagement through Sports
Multiparty Conflict Proceses: Dialogue, Facilitation and Multiparty Mediation
Total Credit Hours18