The Minor in Communication and Activism, offered by the Department of Communication and Social Influence, provides students with theories and skills necessary for becoming effective, conscientious, civically minded agents of social change who are capable of communicating across a variety of issues and contexts and within a multicultural and multi-ethnic society.

The Communication and Activism minor is for students who are interested in public advocacy, politics, campaign management, community organizing and community relations, government communication, law and judiciary careers, organizational development, social movement leadership, and political and nonprofit lobbying. The minor complements such majors as sociology, political science, criminal justice, social work, civil engineering, environmental studies, and community development. 

Upon completing this minor, students should be able to:

  • Identify, analyze, and address important social, cultural, political, and/or economic issues that are in need of remediation.
  • Develop strategies and tactics for improving, solving, and/or intervening into those issues.
  • Develop various messages and use various modes of communication for addressing a diversity of audiences across a variety of contexts.
  • Develop a social justice sensibility that demonstrates concern for communities and populations that are under-served, under-sourced, and/or under-represented.

The minor is open to all Temple undergraduate students with a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or better. Students majoring in Communication and Social Influence (CSI) are not eligible for the minor. However, students enrolled in the minor can choose to roll over their minor credits if they want to change their major to CSI. Students with a Communication Studies major (CMST) are eligible for the minor.

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Contact Information

Heather LaMarre, PhD, Chair
Weiss Hall, Room 216A

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CSI 1113Persuasion3
CSI 2111Argumentation and Advocacy3
Choose one of the following:3
Civil Disobedience
Resistance, Protests, and Social Movements
CSI 3401Social Activism and Community Organizing3
Choose two of the following:6
The Meaningful Enjoyment of Civic Life
Intercultural and Cross Cultural Conflict
Rhetoric of Hate and Violence
Risk Communication
Special Topics in Communication and Social Influence
Field Experience
Rhetoric and Civic Culture
Misperceptions and Misinformation
Communicating Science in Today's World
Communication, Culture and Identity
Multiparty Conflict Proceses: Dialogue, Facilitation and Multiparty Mediation
Narrative Persuasion
Total Credit Hours18