Bachelor of Arts in Mathematical Economics

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Dimitrios Diamantaras, Advisor
Department of Economics
Ritter Annex, Room 883

Boris A. Datskovsky, Advisor
Department of Mathematics
Wachman Hall, Room 632

The Departments of Economics and Mathematics offer the Mathematical Economics program as a platform for systematic concentration in the mathematical approach to economics. Economics has progressed in the last several decades by making extensive use of mathematical techniques. As a result, students who wish to pursue graduate study in economics, finance, accounting, and other disciplines that make an extensive use of economics need a thorough grounding in both economics and mathematics.

The Mathematical Economics curriculum provides this grounding with a broad selection of courses that cover all important areas of economics and the mathematical tools required for a critical, deep mastery of these areas. This program is especially recommended for those students who intend to pursue graduate studies in economics. The program and its requirements are described in full in the Intercollegial Programs section of this Bulletin.