Students interested in enhancing their degree program with a firm grounding in the understanding of globalization and its impact on national and international security, the globalized economy, and global cultures may opt to declare a Minor in Global Studies, which is administered by the Global Studies Program. The minor includes the primary features of the major coursework, without the requirements for foreign language and regional enrichment.

Minors are awarded only at the time of completion of the bachelor's degree and cannot be awarded either as a stand-alone program of study or after completion of the first bachelor's degree.

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ANTH 2305Introduction to Cultural Anthropology3
GBST 2001Introduction to Global Studies3
ECON 1103Global Economics3
POLS 1301International Politics3
Select three courses from one of the following Global Studies tracks (see course lists below):9
Global Security track
Global Economy track
Global Cultures track
Total Credit Hours21

Global Security

ANTH 3337Anthropology of War and Conflict3
ANTH 3366Violence: An Anthropological Approach3
CJ 3403Organized Crime3
CJ 3405Terrorism, Transnational Crime and Global Security3
GUS 3055Environmental Hazards and Disasters3
GUS 3071Health Geography3
HIST 2217Vietnam War3
HIST 230420th Century Europe: A Continent in Crisis3
HIST 2317Central Europe Through Wars and Revolution, 1848-19893
HIST 2513Cold War Africa3
HIST 2702Imperialism, Race, and Empire3
HIST 2804Peace, Conflict, and Social Change3
HIST 2811World War I3
HIST 2812World War II3
HIST 2817Gender, War, and Society3
HIST 3228America's Rise to Globalism3
HIST 3229Superpower America3
HIST 3433Blood and Iron: 19th Century European Diplomacy3
HIST 3572Modern Middle East3
POLS 2301Theories of War and Peace3
POLS 2311Post-Cold War Security3
POLS 2321Politics of the Global Economy3
POLS 2331International Organization3
POLS 2341U.S. Foreign Policy3
POLS 3332Globalization: Politics and Political Economy3

Global Economy

ANTH 3327Globalization and Localization3
ECON 3547Economics of Development and Growth 13
ECON 3563International Trade 13
ECON 3564International Monetary Economics 13
GUS 2031Geography of the Global Economy3
GUS 2032Urban Systems in a Global Economy3
GUS 2073African Development3
GUS 3021International Urbanization3
GUS 3073Geography of Travel and Tourism3
HIST 3811World Economy Since 19453
POLS 2201Comparative Politics: Developing Nations3
POLS 2321Politics of the Global Economy3
POLS 3332Globalization: Politics and Political Economy 13
SOC 3219Understanding Globalization3
SOC 3221Global Development3

These courses require prerequisites beyond those covered in the Global Studies Foundation courses; students wishing to take these courses should plan accordingly.

Global Cultures

AAAS 2201African Civilization3
AAAS 3215Languages and Cultures of West Africa 13
ANTH 3327Globalization and Localization3
ANTH 3331Anthropology and Culture Change3
ANTH 3333The Anthropology of Tourism3
ARBC 2012Modern Arabic Literature in Translation3
ARBC 2021Contemporary Arab Society in Film (in Translation)3
ASST 2001Practical Asian Society and Culture3
ASST 2107Asian American Experiences3
ASST 2367South Asia: Peoples, Culture, Experiences3
ENG 2512The Modern Novel3
ENG 2601Introduction to Postcolonial Literatures3
ENG 2712International Film3
ENG 3513Modern World Fiction 13
ENG 3522Contemporary World Fiction in English 13
ENG 3610Topics in Postcolonial Literature 13
ENG 3611Postcolonial Theory3
GUS 3001Images of the City in Popular Culture3
GUS 3307Transportation & Culture3
HIST 2513Cold War Africa3
HIST 2515Civilization and Modernity in the Caribbean3
HIST 2516Modern Islamic History3
HIST 2611Third World Issues through Film3
HIST 2702Imperialism, Race, and Empire3
HIST 2703African Diaspora3
HIST 2705Anti-Semitism/Holocaust/Racism3
HIST 2816Gender, Class, Nation3
HIST 2817Gender, War, and Society3
HIST 2818American Icons3
HIST 3431Women's Lives in Modern Europe3
HIST 3564Caliban's World: Cultural Politics in the 20th Century Americas3
HIST 3572Modern Middle East3
HIST 3711The City in History3
LAS 1001Perspectives on Latin America3
LAS 2101Latin America through Film and Fiction3
LAS 3602Caribbean Literature and Culture3
REL 1001Religion and Society3
REL 2001Women in Religion and Society3
REL 2101Indian Philosophies and Religions3
REL 2102Introduction to Buddhism3
REL 2596What Is Christianity?3
REL 2606Introduction to Islam3
REL 2702Religion in Contemporary Africa3
REL 3011Monks, Masters, and Magicians: Religion in Premodern Chinese Literature3
REL 3101Yoga & Tantric Mysticism3
PHIL 4278Philosophy of Culture3
SOC 3209Immigrant America: Belonging and Integration3
SOC 3221Global Development3

These courses require prerequisites beyond those covered in the Global Studies Foundation courses; students wishing to take these courses should plan accordingly.