The Minor in American Studies is offered by the American Studies Program, which is a broad-based interdisciplinary program that explores the rich complexity of American culture and American lives. Courses in the minor focus on national myths and everyday realities, race and ethnicity, work, technology, media and popular culture, architecture and city planning, and the production and consumption of art forms like photography, film, dance, and music. In American Studies, though, we do not treat these topics as discrete categories, but instead explore their relationships to each other. For instance, we look at ideas about race and class embedded in national symbols and ideas. Through a variety of courses and in a mix of different categories, American Studies provides students with a deep understanding of the many forces and ideas shaping America over a long sweep of time in any number of places, the East, the West, in the heartland, and at the borders.

An American Studies minor is particularly useful in journalism, business, education and those fields that are served by creating thinking that draw inspiration from more than one area.

Minors are awarded only at the time of completion of the bachelor's degree and cannot be awarded either as a stand-alone program of study or after completion of the first bachelor's degree.

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Select six American Studies courses, at least three of which should be taken from the American Studies Core Areas listed below:18
American Biography and Work
Work in America
Honors American Lives
American Culture
The Arts in America
American Things: Introduction to Material Culture
Museums and American Culture
Topics in American Culture 1
Honors Topics in American Culture
Photography in America
Film and American Society
Media and American Popular Culture
Place in American Life
Tourism in America
Philadelphia Neighborhoods
American Places: Home, City, Region
Honors American Places: Home, City, Region
Topics in American Culture 1
Honors Topics in American Culture
Architecture, Urban Design, and American Culture
American Frontiers
Diversity in America - See Advisor for Options
Change in America
Radicalism in the United States
Technology and American Culture
Global America
Topics in American Culture 1
Honors Topics in American Culture
Political Protest and Culture in the '60s
Honors Political Protest and Culture in the 60's
Literature and Political Change
Courtroom in American Society
Contemporary Trends in the American Workplace
Literature of American Slavery

Specific subjects change each semester. See class schedule for information on a particular offering.