Genomic Medicine, Certificate

Learn more about the undergraduate certificate in Genomic Medicine.

The Genomic Medicine certificate program is designed with maximum flexibility to accommodate students with different backgrounds and interests, including medicine, science, technology, and public health. Two core classes and 6 to 8 credits of related elective courses are required. This certificate is available to all undergraduate students and professional non-degree-seeking students.

Undergraduate Contact Information:

Dr. Robert Sanders, Chair
Biology-Life Sciences Building, Room 255

Dr. Erik Cordes, Vice Chair
Biology-Life Sciences Building, Room 315A

Dr. Caryn Babaian, Faculty Advisor
Genomic Medicine Majors
Science Education and Research Center, Room 602

Dr. Sudhir Kumar, Program Director
Science Education and Research Center, Room 601A

Certificate Requirements


Students desiring a Certificate in Genomic Medicine must have already completed the following or have equivalent industry experience:

Select one of the following:4
General Chemistry I
and General Chemistry Laboratory I
Honors General Chemical Science I
and Honors Chemical Science Laboratory I (F)
Select one of the following:4
General Chemistry II
and General Chemistry Laboratory II
Honors General Chemical Science II
and Honors Chemical Science Laboratory II (S)
Select one of the following:4
Organic Chemistry I
and Organic Chemistry Laboratory I
Organic Chemistry for Majors I
and Organic Majors Laboratory I (F)
Organic Chemistry for Honors I
and Organic Honors Laboratory I (F)
BIOL 2112Introduction to Cellular and Molecular Biology4
or BIOL 2912 Honors Introduction to Cellular and Molecular Biology
MATH 1022Precalculus4

Required Courses

Students desiring a Certificate in Genomic Medicine must complete the following courses:

BIOL 3111Genomics in Medicine (F)3
BIOL 3112Fundamentals of Genomic Evolutionary Medicine (S)3
Genomic Medicine Electives
Select two from the following: 16-8
Human Biology of Modern Populations
Human Reproduction: Evolutionary Perspectives
Evolutionary Medicine
Methods in the Study of Evolution
Biocultural Adaptations in Human Populations
Seminar in Human and Primate Evolution
Genetics (S)
Evolution (F)
Genome Analytics
Genomics and Infectious Disease Dynamics (F)
Human Genetics (F)
Human Evolution
Introduction to Bioinformatics and Computational Biology
Evolutionary Genetics (S)
Genomics and Evolutionary Biology of Parasites and Other Dependent Species (S)
Biology of Cancer (S)
Genomic Biology
Physical Chemistry of Biomolecules (S)
Biochemistry I
Programming in Matlab
Computer Programming in C
Program Design and Abstraction
Computational Probability and Statistics
Data Structures and Algorithms
Web Application Programming
Principles of Data Science (S)
Current Topics in Information Science & Technology
Principles of Database Systems (F)
Data-Intensive and Cloud Computing (S)
Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining
Foundations of Machine Learning (F)
Stochastic Processes in Signals and Systems
Engineering Computation II
Data and Computer Communication
Vertebrate Paleontology and Taphonomy (F)
Introduction to Epidemiology
Introduction to Research Methods
Health Record Documentation
Statistics and Research in Health Care
Healthcare Database Design and Development
Electronic Health Record Systems
International Classification of Diseases
Health Informatics: Infrastructure and Standards
Healthcare Data Analytics
Probability Theory I
Mathematical Statistics (S)
Numerical Analysis I (F)
Differential Equations with Computer Lab (S)
Probability Theory II (F)
Applied Mathematics (F)
Advanced Undergraduate Statistics
PSY 3141
Statistical Methods in Sociology
SOC 3521
Urban Health
Health and Reproduction
Data Analysis
Statistics for Engineers
Regression and Predictive Analytics
Applied Statistics and Data Science
Time Series and Forecasting Models
Nonparametric and Categorical Data Analysis
Total Credit Hours12-14
(F) - Fall only course
(S) - Spring only course

Residency Requirements: At least 2 courses required for the certificate must be completed at Temple.