Offered by the Department of Physics, the Certificate in Fundamentals of Physics provides students the opportunity to build quantitative and modeling skills by learning to analyze physical systems, including data and error analysis as well as dimensional analysis. Students will study physical models using mathematical methods, including coordinate systems, single and multivariate calculus, and vector algebra, and will begin to understand the fundamental principles of physics.

This certificate is open to all students.

Campus Location: Main

Program Code: ST-FPHY-CERT

​Undergraduate Contact Information

Peter Riseborough, Chair
Science, Education and Research Center, Room 444

Zbigniew Dziembowski, Faculty Advisor
Science, Education and Research Center, Room 412

Certificate Requirements

All courses listed below have prerequisites. For more information, please check the course descriptions or ask an advisor.

Students desiring a certificate in the Fundamentals of Physics are required to satisfy the following:

Select one of the following: 14
Elementary Classical Physics I
Honors Elementary Classical Physics I
General Physics I
Honors General Physics I
Select one of the following: 14
Elementary Classical Physics II
Honors Elementary Classical Physics II
General Physics II
Honors General Physics II
PHYS 2796Introduction to Modern Physics 24
Total Credit Hours12

An upper level Physics course may be substituted for this requirement with approval of the faculty advisor.


PHYS 2796 has a concurrent prerequisite of MATH 2043 or MATH 2943.