Having a Minor in Computer Science (CS) can enhance your employment opportunities. Offered by the Department of Computer and Information Sciences, the CS minor's coursework consists of three programming courses, one introductory theory course and one CS elective course. Prior to starting the CS minor's courses, students must take (or place out of) precalculus and an introductory programming course. Many of our CS minors come from related fields, such as Engineering, Information Science and Technology, and Math. Students on both Main Campus and Temple University Japan Campus may declare this minor.

Campus Location: Main and Japan

​Undergraduate Contact Information

Main Campus

Jamie Payton, Chair
Science, Education and Research Center, Room 304

Gene Kwatny, Vice Chair
Science, Education and Research Center, Room 304

Sally Kyvernitis, Faculty Advisor
Science, Education and Research Center, Room 330

Temple Japan Campus

Hani Karam, PhD, Computer Science Coordinator

Minor Requirements

Students desiring a minor in Computer Science are required to satisfy the following:1

Select one of the following: 24
Introduction to Problem Solving and Programming in Python
Honors Introduction to Problem Solving and Programming in Python
Computer Programming in C
CIS 1068Program Design and Abstraction4
or CIS 1968 Honors Program Design and Abstraction
CIS 1166Mathematical Concepts in Computing I4
or CIS 1966 Honors Mathematical Concepts in Computing I
CIS 2107Computer Systems and Low-Level Programming4
CIS 2168Data Structures4
Select one of the following: 33-4
Computational Probability and Statistics
Independent Research I
Mathematical Concepts in Computing II
Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
Introduction to Systems Programming and Operating Systems
Automata, Computability, and Languages
Computer Architecture
Computer Graphics and Image Processing
Web Application Programming
Wireless Networks and Security
Software Security
Introduction to iOS Application Development
Introduction to Mobile Application Development
User Experience Design
Introduction to Digital Forensics
Principles of Data Science
Computer Networks and Communications
Principles of Database Systems
Seminar on Topics in Computer Science
Seminar on Topics in Computer Science
Total Credit Hours23-24

All of the listed CIS courses have Math course prerequisites of MATH 1022 Precalculus or higher.


Students may earn placement credit for this introductory programming course requirement. Please see the Computer Science faculty advisor for more information.


Some of the listed electives have prerequisites in addition to the core requirements.

Although the Computer Science minor can be completed in three semesters, it is best to allocate at least four semesters.

Residency Requirements: At least 3 courses required for the minor must be completed at Temple.