Chemistry, Minor

The Minor in Chemistry is designed for students who are interested in acquiring basic knowledge in chemistry but not wishing to major in the subject. Biochemistry majors may not declare this minor.

Undergraduate Contact Information:

Dr. Ann Valentine, Chair
Beury Hall, Room 130

Dr. Vince Voelz, Vice Chair
Beury Hall, Room 240

Dr. Steven Fleming, Faculty Advisor (Last names A-C)
Beury Hall, Room 446

Dr. Roy Keyer, Faculty Advisor (Last names D-G)
Beury Hall, Room 440

Dr. Dan Strongin, Faculty Advisor (Last names H-K)
Beury Hall, Room 246

Dr. Jonathan Smith, Faculty Advisor (Last names L-O)
Beury Hall, Room 213

Dr. Vladi Wilent, Faculty Advisor (Last names P-S)
Beury Hall, Room 344

Dr. Graham Dobereiner, Faculty Advisor (Last names T-Z)
Beury Hall, Room 342

Dr. Daniele Ramella, Faculty Advisor (Undergraduate research)
Beury Hall, Room 126B

Minor Requirements

All courses listed below have prerequisites. For more information, please check the course descriptions or ask an advisor.

At least 12 credits required for the minor must be completed at Temple. At least 12 Chemistry credits must be completed at Temple.

CHEM 1031General Chemistry I3
or CHEM 1951 Honors General Chemical Science I
CHEM 1032General Chemistry II3
or CHEM 1952 Honors General Chemical Science II
CHEM 1033General Chemistry Laboratory I1
or CHEM 1953 Honors Chemical Science Laboratory I
CHEM 1034General Chemistry Laboratory II1
or CHEM 1954 Honors Chemical Science Laboratory II
CHEM 2201Organic Chemistry I3
or CHEM 2921 Organic Chemistry for Honors I
CHEM 2202Organic Chemistry II3
or CHEM 2922 Organic Chemistry for Honors II
CHEM 2203Organic Chemistry Laboratory I1
or CHEM 2923 Organic Honors Laboratory I
CHEM 2204Organic Chemistry Laboratory II1
or CHEM 2924 Organic Honors Laboratory II
At least 7 credit hours from the following list:7
Inorganic Chemistry
Techniques of Chemical Measurement I
and Introduction to Chemical Research Techniques
Physical Chemistry Lecture I
Physical Chemistry Lecture II
Physical Chemistry Laboratory I
Physical Chemistry Laboratory II
Applications of Biochemistry
Physical Chemistry of Biomolecules
Advanced Inorganic Chemistry
Inorganic Synthesis
Crystallography and Diffraction
Instrumental Design
Drug Analysis
Investigative Chemistry
Techniques of Chemical Measurement II
Organic Structure and Mechanisms
Organic Synthesis Methodology
Advanced Organic Preparations
Biochemistry I
Introduction to Polymer Chemistry
Total Credit Hours23