Minor in Leadership

The Leadership Minor comprises six courses (18 s.h.), providing students in other Temple University programs the opportunity to better prepare for life after graduation by acquiring the knowledge and skills required to communicate effectively and to lead at the organizational, team, and individual levels.

The goal of the Leadership Minor is to help students to understand that leadership is a communication and relational process, not a position. Viewed that way, leadership requires responsible, thoughtful reflection and action at all societal levels. That also requires competencies in being self-aware, in managing teams, in making ethical decisions, and leading with an intent to engender positive change. 


CSI 1111Introduction to Public Speaking3
PR 1112Communicating Leadership3
PR 2661Communicating Organizational Change3
PR 2662Leading Groups and Team Building3
PR 2672Global Communication and Leadership3
CSI 3701Intercultural Communication3
Total Credit Hours18