Minor in Clinical and Health Psychology

The minor in Clinical and Health Psychology from the Temple Psychology Department consists of 21 credits. The minor will introduce students to the specialties in psychology that focus on understanding health and illness through the study of the interplay among psychology, biology, and environment. This minor is designed for students who do not major in psychology but have interests in psychology, public health, and other health-related careers (e.g., nursing, speech therapy). Pre-med students will find that this minor will help to prepare for the new MCAT exam, which has been modified to include psychology topics.

Students outside Psychology majors may declare this minor.


Seven courses are required.

PSY 1001Introduction to Psychology3
PSY 1003Statistics for Psychology3
PSY 1004Critical Thinking in Psychology3
PSY 2201Foundations of Psychopathology3
PSY 2601Foundations of Health Psychology 13
Select two of the following advanced-level courses:6
Advanced Topics in Health Psychology
Social Health Psychology
Clinical Neuropsychology
Clinical Applications of Health Psychology
Psychological Testing: Measuring IQ, Thoughts, Feelings, and Attitudes
Child Psychopathology and Treatment
Clinical Psychology: Research and Practice
Topics: Clinical
Neuroscience of Development and Aging
Total Credit Hours21