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EPSY 2325. Statistics for Decision Making. 3 Credit Hours.

How can organizations choose the best options for new programs they want to start? How should a non-profit decide which services to keep providing and which ones to drop? How can an after-school program figure out which activities are helping kids and which ones need to be improved? How can a museum improve attendance by reaching out to the right audiences? Data-driven decision-making is a set of skills for gathering high-quality information and understanding that information in order to make effective decisions about programs. The course includes an introduction to choosing surveys and measures, ethically gathering high-quality data, visualizing the data, and basics of data analyses that will be most useful to future practitioners and leaders in non-profit, healthcare, and educational settings. Effective communication--of the data gathering process, analysis, results, and implications--to stakeholders is stressed throughout the course.

Repeatability: This course may not be repeated for additional credits.