Analytical Reading & Writing (GW)

Requirement: One 4-credit hour course.

Writing Placement: Detailed information on placement into ENG 0701ENG 0711ENG 0802, and ENG 0812 can be found on the Placement Assessments page of the Bulletin.

This course should be taken as soon as possible—ideally in the first semester, but certainly in the first year.

This course addresses the following competencies:

Critical Reading and Thinking

Students can read for the purposes of careful analysis and critique, evaluate both the evidence and reasoning in an academic text, and see relationships (explicit and implicit) between and among multiple texts; they can raise meaningful questions, compare ideas, and extract underlying assumptions.


Students are able to reflect, seriously and critically, on their own writing processes as well as their written work.

Rhetorical Strategies

In academic writing, students can:

  • Define key terms for specific purposes.
  • Summarize the ideas and arguments of others.
  • Make meaningful comparisons between ideas.
  • Analyze and respond to the needs of a specific task/audience.


Students can take a position, marshal and organize relevant evidence, and respond to opposing views.


Students can substantively revise earlier written work.


In their finished papers, students demonstrate a reasonable degree of both fluency and competence with Standard English, and ESL students should demonstrate marked improvement in these areas. All students should be able to effectively edit their own work.

Analytical Reading & Writing Courses

  • Analytical Reading & Writing ENG 0802
  • English as a Second Language (ESL) Analytical Reading & Writing ENG 0812
  • Honors Analytical Reading & Writing ENG 0902

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