U.S. Society (GU)

Requirement: One 3-credit hour course.

GenEd U.S. Society courses strengthen students' understanding of the history, society, culture and political systems of the United States.

They are intended to teach students how to:

  • Access and analyze historical, analytical, and cultural materials;
  • Develop observations and conclusions about selected themes in U.S. society and culture;
  • Construct interpretations using evidence and critical analysis;
  • Communicate and defend interpretations; and
  • Analyze the ways difference and heterogeneity have shaped the culture and society of the U.S.  

U.S. Society Courses

Below, you will find a list of GenEd courses in this area.

Please be advised that GenEd offerings vary from semester to semester and that all GenEd courses will not be offered every semester. For the most current list of GenEd offerings, please consult the Class Schedule.

In addition, a single GenEd course may be offered by more than one department. GenEd courses offered by more than one department will have the same course number and the same course title. A student may not take the same course from multiple departments and earn credit toward graduation. However, if a student wishes to replace their grade in a GenEd course, they may replace the grade with any course bearing the same course number and the same course title regardless of department.