Quantitative Literacy (GQ)

Requirement: One 4-credit hour course.

Math Placement. Detailed information on placement into MATH 0701, MATH 0702, and GenEd Quantitative Literacy (GQ) can be found on the Bulletin's Placement Assessments page.

A student placed in MATH 0701 is required to complete successfully MATH 0701 before enrolling in a GenEd Quantitative Literacy course or GenEd Science & Technology courses, as these courses require students to understand and perform basic computational skills.

GenEd Quantitative Literacy courses present mathematical thinking as a tool for solving everyday problems and as a way of understanding how to represent aspects of a complex world. They are designed to prepare students as citizens and voters to have the ability to think critically about quantitative statements, to recognize when they are misleading or false, and to appreciate how they relate to significant social or political issues. While computation may be part of a Quantitative Literacy course, the primary focus is not computational skills.

Quantitative Literacy courses are intended to teach students how to:

  • Understand quantitative models that describe real world phenomena and recognize limitations of those models;
  • Perform simple mathematical computations associated with a quantitative model and make conclusions based on the results;
  • Recognize, use, and appreciate mathematical thinking for solving problems that are part of everyday life;
  • Understand the various sources of uncertainty and error in empirical data;
  • Retrieve, organize, and analyze data associated with a quantitative model; and
  • Communicate logical arguments and their conclusions.

Quantitative Literacy Courses

Below, you will find a list of GenEd courses in this area.

Please be advised that GenEd offerings vary from semester to semester and that all GenEd courses will not be offered every semester. For the most current list of GenEd offerings, please consult the Class Schedule.

In addition, a single GenEd course may be offered by more than one department. GenEd courses offered by more than one department will have the same course number and the same course title. A student may not take the same course from multiple departments and earn credit toward graduation. However, if a student wishes to replace their grade in a GenEd course, they may replace the grade with any course bearing the same course number and the same course title regardless of department.

Waiver: Students considering undergraduate degrees with advanced mathematical or statistical requirements may satisfy the GenEd Quantitative Literacy requirement through alternative coursework.

A student will be waived from the GenEd Quantitative Literacy requirement upon completion of any of the following:

Courses must be completed with a C- or better to satisfy GenEd waiver requirements.

Department/schools/colleges may stipulate a higher grade to satisfy department/school/college requirements.

Consult an academic advisor for details.