Offered by the Department of Dance, the Minor in Hip Hop Dance and Culture is a 22-credit hour program available to beginning and experienced dancers across the university. Studies in hip hop dance will invite undergraduate students to address broader social concepts, including race and racism, cultural appropriation and commodification, oral history traditions, and African American heritage and values. Applicants must have completed one semester of coursework at Temple University before official acceptance to the Dance minor can occur.

The course requirements consist of:

Technique Courses14
Dance Production Course1
Theory Courses7
Total Credit Hours22

Availability: A limited number of slots are available each semester, and an interview and audition are required to begin this program. Interested students are advised to contact the Dance Department via email at dance@temple.edu for further information.

Once accepted, students must follow the academic policies and procedures of the Dance Department for all dance courses. Minor credit will not be awarded for grades below a B- in Dance coursework. Upon graduation, a notation on the undergraduate transcript will indicate successful completion of the minor.

Course Limitations/Restrictions: All technique courses are repeatable two times only, which will allow a student to enroll in the same level of technique for two semesters thus ensuring opportunity to develop full competencies associated with that level. Theory courses are not repeatable, although students may enroll in courses other than those listed in the requirements with permission of the instructor.

Transfer Students: Students transferring large numbers of credits in dance who wish to complete the Dance Minor must secure an evaluation of these credits prior to beginning their course of study. All students in this category must complete a minimum of 9 credits of dance courses at Temple including one theory course and three technique courses.

Campus Location: Main

Contact Information

Karen Bond, Department Chair

Laura Katz Rizzo, Assistant Professor of Dance and Undergraduate Program Coordinator for Dance

Sherril Dodds, Graduate Program Coordinator


Technique Courses
DANC 1802Breaking: Moves and Meanings2
DANC 1803House and Hip Hop Social Dance2
DANC 1834Introduction to African Diasporic Dance Traditions2
DANC 2806Funk Styles: Locking and Popping2
DANC 2807Creating Hip Hop for the Theater Stage2
DANC 3837Hip Hop I2
DANC 4834Hip Hop II2
Production/Theory Courses
DANC 1819Dance Production1
DANC 2809Hip Hop Entrepreneurship2
DANC 2811Hip Hop History and Performance2
DANC 2872Foundations of Dance Education3
or DANC 3896 Dancing Cultures
Total Credit Hours22