Certificate in Community Arts Practices

The Community Arts Practices Program is committed to the many and varied communities in Philadelphia and to Tyler students' education as artists to combine artistic disciplines with skills and knowledge in community organizing, positioning them for an expanded civic role in the 21st century. The Community Arts Practices Program develops and delivers university courses, after-school workshops, inter-generational forums, inter-disciplinary performances and site-specific installations.

At the heart of the program are community partnerships and internships that enable Tyler/Temple students to expand their art disciplines as community collaborators. During the last several years, the Community Arts Practices Program has created a body of community-based arts works, establishing a network of relationships and ongoing presence in neighborhoods that translates into continued projects. During this time, we have worked with youths and adults, organizations and families, in North Philadelphia neighborhoods and beyond, building a broad range of community arts partnerships that stimulate dialogue and share history to create exhibitions and interdisciplinary performances based on community lives and stories and shared student experiences. As part of this program, Tyler offers an undergraduate Certificate in Community Arts Practices on the Main Campus only.


Dr. William Yalowitz 


The undergraduate Certificate in Community Arts Practices, offered on the Main Campus only, consists of a four-course, 12-credit sequence. Both matriculated and non-matriculated students may register for these courses. The required courses for the undergraduate certificate are:

CART 3011Introductory Seminar in Community Arts3
or CART 3911
CART 3089Research and Project Planning Seminar in Community Arts3
or CART 3989
CART 4012Community Arts3
CART 4089Evaluation and Documentation in Community Arts3
Total Credit Hours12