Bachelor of Fine Arts in Metals/Jewelry/CAD-CAM


Douglas Bucci, Program Head
Tyler Art Building, Room 220

The Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) in Metals/Jewelry/CAD-CAM Program at the Tyler School of Art and Architecture, recognized as a national leader in the discipline, offers students access to world-class facilities, emergent technology and mentorship.

Students learn both traditional techniques and cutting-edge digital practice and theory in jewelry, metals and computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing (CAD-CAM, one of several technologies pioneered for use in metals at Tyler).

Students have access to the resources of Temple, a large, public research university, and Philadelphia, a premier center of jewelry making and a home base for exploring museums and galleries. Leveraging the expertise and professional networks of Tyler faculty—all practicing artists and leaders in the field—students find internships and connect with the regional and national metals and jewelry community.

Tyler students graduate with a broad base of knowledge, critical thinking skills and the technological proficiency needed for success in the jewelry industry, artistic practice or top graduate schools. The proof is in the long list of Tyler MJCC alumni who are thriving at employers ranging from David Yurman to Tiffany & Co.

Degree Requirements

The Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Metals/Jewelry/CAD-CAM may be conferred upon a student by recommendation of the faculty and upon the satisfactory completion of a minimum of 126 semester hours of credit with a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.00.  All Metals/Jewelry/CAD-CAM majors must complete the BFA curriculum and General Education requirements.

  • Students must earn a C- or better in ART 2401, and ART 2402 or ART 3402 to enter the Metals/Jewelry/CAD-CAM major.
  • The seven required Junior/Senior studio courses and ART 4096 (capstone) must be completed with a C- or better to fulfill major requirements. 

The faculty encourages taking Metals/Jewelry/CAD-CAM courses in excess of the minimum required. These additional courses count towards required studio electives.

Major Requirements for B.F.A. in Metals/Jewelry/CAD-CAM

Sophomore Prerequisite
ART 2401Jewelry3
ART 2402CAD/CAM I Computer-Aided-Design/Computer-Aided-Manufacture3
or ART 3402 CAD/CAM I Computer-Aided-Design/Computer-Aided-Manufacture
Junior Requirements
ART 3406Junior Metalsmithing (fall only)3
ART 3407Junior Metalsmithing (spring only)3
One specialized Metals course (see list below)3
ART 2404CAD/CAM II Computer-Aided-Design/Computer-Aided-Manufacture3
or ART 3404 CAD/CAM II Computer-Aided-Design/Computer-Aided-Manufacture
Senior Requirements
ART 4401Senior Metals and Plastics (fall only)3
ART 4402Senior Metals and Plastics (spring only)3
One specialized Metals course (see list below)3
ART 4096Professional Practices in Crafts (Capstone, WI)3

Specialized Metals/Jewelry/CAD-CAM (MJC-C) Courses

ART 2408Electroforming Workshop3
ART 3408Electroforming Workshop3
ART 2412Color in Metals3
ART 3412Color in Metals3
ART 2409Plastics for Jewelry and Objects3
ART 3409Plastics for Jewelry and Objects3
ART 2405Machine Tool Processes3
ART 3405Advanced CAD/CAM3
ART 2411Production Processes3
ART 3411Production Processes3
ART 2407Casting3
ART 2414Casting3
ART 3417Metalsmithing3
ART 3413Enameling3
ART 3414Plastics for Jewelry3
ART 3415Lapidary and Stone Setting3
ART 3416Photo Processes and Etching Jewelry3
ART 4404Rapid Prototyping3
ART 4405Rapid Prototyping3
ART 4403Senior Seminar in Metals3
ART 3085Field Internship3

Suggested Academic Plan

Please note that this is a suggested academic plan. Depending on your situation, your academic plan may look different. 

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Metals/Jewelry/CAD-CAM

Requirements for New Students starting in the 2021-2022 Academic Year

Year 1
FallCredit Hours
FDPR 1511Foundation Drawing13
FDPR 15212D Foundation Principles3
FDPR 15313D Foundation Principles/W3
FDPR 1503Woodshop Fundamentals1
ARTH 1155 or 1955Arts of the World I: Prehistoric to 13003
ENG 0802, 0812, or 0902Analytical Reading and Writing [GW]4
 Term Credit Hours17
FDPR 1512Foundation Drawing3
FDPR 15222D Foundation Principles3
FDPR 15323D Foundation Principles/C3
FDPR 1502Investigations of Art and Design1
ARTH 1156 or 1956Arts of the World II: 1300 to the 21st Century13
IH 0851 or 0951Intellectual Heritage I: The Good Life [GY]3
 Term Credit Hours16
Year 2
ART 2401Jewelry3
ART or GAD 2000-2999 Sophomore Studio Electives3
ART or GAD 2000-2999 Sophomore Studio Electives3
IH 0852 or 0952Intellectual Heritage II: The Common Good [GZ]3
GenEd Quantitative Literacy Course [GQ]4
 Term Credit Hours16
ART 2402 or 3402CAD/CAM I Computer-Aided-Design/Computer-Aided-Manufacture3
ART or GAD 2000-2999 Sophomore Studio Electives3
ART or GAD 2000-2999 Sophomore Studio Electives3
GenEd Breadth Course3
GenEd Breadth Course3
 Term Credit Hours15
Year 3
ART 3406Junior Metalsmithing3
Specialized MJC-C Course3
ART or GAD Studio Elective3
GenEd Breadth Course3
Art History Elective24
 Term Credit Hours16
ART 3407Junior Metalsmithing3
ART 2404 or 3404CAD/CAM II Computer-Aided-Design/Computer-Aided-Manufacture3
ART or GAD Studio Elective3
Art History Elective [WI]4
GenEd Breadth Course3
 Term Credit Hours16
Year 4
ART 4401Senior Metals and Plastics3
ART 4096Professional Practices in Crafts [WI]3
Specialized MJC-C Course3
GenEd Breadth Course3
Non-Studio Elective3
 Term Credit Hours15
ART 4402Senior Metals and Plastics3
ART or GAD Studio Elective3
ART or GAD Studio Elective3
Open Elective23
GenEd Breadth Course3
 Term Credit Hours15
 Total Credit Hours: 126

Please Note: An approved study abroad program waives the GenEd Global/World Society (GG) requirement; however, these credits must be made up with academic coursework taken outside of Tyler departments to be in compliance with BFA accreditation. MJC-C majors interested in studying abroad should consult with an academic advisor to determine if a semester (generally spring semester of second year) or a summer program would be the best option to remain on track for graduation.