Minor in Nutrition

The Nutrition Minor is designed for students interested in understanding food, where it comes from, and how it affects health. Students in the minor develop knowledge and skills that supplement their major, and that are helpful for improving overall health in individuals and communities.

Completing the Nutrition Minor improves your marketability in many professional paths, including public health, nursing, kinesiology, psychology, tourism and hospitality, business, education, health communication and journalism, marketing, health professions, and sports and recreational management. The minor also prepares students to pursue graduate training or research in dietetics and nutrition, and to enhance their personal understanding of rapidly changing messages about diet and health.

Students wishing to declare and pursue the Minor in Nutrition should contact Laura Windisch (laura.windisch@temple.edu).


The requirements for the Nutrition Minor are:

Required Courses
SBS 1104Nutrition and Health3
SBS 1114Cultural Nutrition3
SBS 2104Nutrition in the Lifecycle3
Nutrition Minor Electives
Select three of the following: 19
Cooking and Presenting Food Fundamentals
Health Psychology and Human Behavior
Nutrition and the Community
Diet and Weight Management
Applied Performance Nutrition
Sustainable Food Systems Planning
Food Crops I
Food Crops II
Total Credit Hours18