Certificate in Linguistics

Learn more about the undergraduate certificate in Linguistics.

The Certificate in Linguistics provides students with a foundation in the science of language. From theoretical models of language to the study of language use and variation, this program engages students in a field that enhances analytical abilities and critical thinking while also providing practical skills in foreign language or American Sign Language. Students majoring in Speech, Language, & Hearing Science, foreign languages, Psychology, Anthropology, Computer Science, Education, and English are likely to find the Certificate especially valuable.

Students wishing to declare and pursue the Certificate in Linguistics should contact the undergraduate academic advisor for the Department of Communication Sciences & Disorders, Maria Sarmiento (e-mail: tuh41194@temple.edu).


The Certificate in Linguistics will be awarded to students who complete the following requirements:

CSCD 1108Introduction to Linguistics3
CSCD 2049Language and the Brain3
CSCD 2202Sociolinguistics3
CSCD 3297Syntax3
or CSCD 3231 Principles of Syntax
CSCD 4730Topics in Communication Sciences and Disorders 13
Foreign Language or American Sign Language First-Semester Course 23-4
Foreign Language or American Sign Language Second-Semester Course 23-4
Foreign Language or American Sign Language Third-Semester Course 23
Total Credit Hours24-26