Minor in Health Policy and Management

The minor in Health Policy and Management (HPM) is open to all undergraduate students at Temple University. The HPM minor provides Temple's students with a background in policy issues and management challenges related to politics, ethics, quality, payments, and access to health care. The minor gives students the opportunity to gain experience in communicating health policies for diverse audiences, advocating for health policies, analyzing health policies, and explaining the political process underlying policymaking. Students will also have options to learn sound management principles, leadership skills, and the operation of health-related organizations. This minor requires students to complete 18 credit hours: 9 credit hours from required courses and 9 credit hours from interdisciplinary elective courses. The required courses and electives are offered by various departments in the College of Public Health and in other colleges. Alternative electives can be approved at the discretion of the Program Director. Elective courses in the minor also allow students to choose how to focus their area of study—students may concentrate on policy, management, or both.


Number of credits required to complete the minor: 18

All courses for the minor should be complete with a grade of C or higher.

Required Courses
HRPR 1001Public Health: The Way We Live, Work and Play3
HPM 2214Politics and Payments in US Healthcare System3
HPM 22163
Elective Courses 1
Select three courses from the following:9
Policy Options:
History of U.S. Public Health
HPM 3216
Global Health Policy
International Health
American State and Local Politics
Law in Public Health and Health Care
Management Options:
IT Applications for Health
Health Information Management IT Fundamentals
Healthcare Leadership and Strategic Management
Global Health Systems
Principles of Emergency Management: A Public Health Perspective
Epidemiology 360: Determinants, Disease and Health-related Outcomes
Healthcare Financing and Information Technology
Total Credit Hours18