Certificate in American Sign Language

Learn more about the undergraduate certificate in American Sign Language.

The Certificate in American Sign Language (ASL) will be awarded to students who successfully complete ASL Levels 1 through 4 and American Deaf Culture, demonstrating competence in expressive and receptive language skills as well as knowledge of the culture in which the language is used. ASL, the language of the Deaf in the US and Canada, is as rich and complex as any spoken language, but differs in modality of production and perception. Knowledge of ASL gained in these courses will also teach students about the human capacity for language, even when access to the more common channel of language reception (hearing) is compromised. In addition to the value of learning ASL as described, competence in ASL and an understanding of American Deaf culture will benefit those who may encounter Deaf individuals in the future, including those in health professions, education, and legal fields. The certificate will also function as a foundation for those who wish to go on to certification programs in ASL-English interpreting, education of the Deaf and hearing-impaired, and other related fields.

The Director of our American Sign Language Certificate is Professor Jonathan Hartmann (tug25923@temple.edu). To enroll in the certificate program, please contact the academic advisor in Communication Sciences and Disorders, Kara Black (kara.black@temple.edu).


The Certificate in American Sign Language (ASL) will be awarded to students who complete the following 5-course sequence:

CSCD 1001American Sign Language I3
or CSCD 1901 Honors American Sign Language 1
CSCD 1002American Sign Language II3
or CSCD 1902 Honors American Sign Language 2
CSCD 1003American Sign Language III3
CSCD 1004American Sign Language IV3
CSCD 2011American Deaf Culture3
Total Credit Hours15