The Minor in Global Health, offered by the Department of Health Services Administration and Policy, provides students the opportunity to gain experience and expertise for the health of peoples of the world and the current population health problems and its associated influential factors and social determinants. This minor requires students to complete 18 credit hours. Students participating in the minor will gain knowledge to understand global health systems. They will also develop interdisciplinary skills to evaluate global health phenomena and design solutions to major public health challenges and engage actively in international initiatives to improve health as global citizens. Specifically, they will learn primary health disparities, social determinants, policy management, care outcomes, health informatics and public health communications in a connected global environment. The students in this minor will be well prepared for a professional career in the global public health field, including research, teaching or health services across many sectors, such as universities, government agencies, international agencies, non-governmental organizations or private industry.

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Sara Byron, Academic Advisor


Required Courses
ENVH 1103International Health3
HIM 2031Global Development of Health Information Systems3
HPM 3131Global Health Systems3
Select three of the following:9
Electronic Documentation for Health Care Providers
Health Information Management IT Fundamentals
Health Technology Assessment
Healthcare Leadership and Strategic Management
Electronic Health Record Systems
Health Informatics: Infrastructure and Standards
Public Health Beyond Borders
Politics and Payments in US Healthcare System
Principles of Emergency Management: A Public Health Perspective
Global Health Policy
HPM 4089
Total Credit Hours18