Certificate in English Language Teaching

Learn more about the undergraduate certificate in English Language Teaching.

Designed for students in almost any program throughout the university, this 4-course certificate program equips participants with a foundational understanding of language structure and development and strategies for teaching and working with English language learners beyond the K-12 classroom (in the U.S.).* Grounded in a socio-cultural perspective, the program provides first-hand practical experience to build language teaching skills, including lesson planning/delivery, curriculum development, and assessment. Upon completion, students will find themselves knowledgeable of the cultural, social, and political complexities of language education, learning and use, and be able to skillfully draw on this awareness in a broad range of international, professional, and teaching contexts. This program is ideal for those who want to develop a solid foundation for teaching English to non-native speakers.


Number of Didactic Credits Required to Complete the Certificate: 12

TESL 4442Strategies for Teaching English as an Additional Language3
TESL 4443Teaching English World-Wide3
TESL 4444English Language Teaching: Curriculum and Assessment3
EDUC 4441Discourse Practices in Diverse Communities3
Total Credit Hours12