Certificate in Diversity and Inclusion

Learn more about the undergraduate certificate in Diversity and Inclusion.

Students who earn a Diversity and Inclusion certificate will be able to negotiate issues of power in a variety of settings, and will be positioned to act as advocates and organizers for people who have been systemically marginalized based on a variety of socially constructed characteristics including race, socioeconomic status, disability, immigration status, and ethnicity. A certificate in Diversity and Inclusion enables and empowers our students to be leaders in both public and private sectors. Requirements of the certificate include four three-credit courses, and a comprehensive reflective paper.


Number of Credits Required to Complete the Certificate: 12

EDUC 1001Diversity and Inclusion: Reflective Paper 10
AOD 1166Interpersonal Processes through the Life Span3
AOD 2218Leadership in Organizations3
SPED 2231Introduction to Special Education3
URBE 4496Understanding Urban Communities3
Total Credit Hours12

HDCE majors are not eligible to complete this certificate.