Middle Grades Education / Social Studies Concentration

Learn more about the Bachelor of Science in Education in Middle Grades Education.

The Bachelor of Science in Education in Middle Grades Education prepares undergraduate students for middle level teaching (fourth to eighth grades). Middle grades teachers are increasingly sought out and in high-demand in Pennsylvania as well as across the country.

The College of Education program in Middle Grades Education is designed to ensure not only that there are certified teachers to fill the growing vacancies, but that our students graduate highly knowledgeable about learning and teaching as well as committed to pre/adolescent learners from diverse ethnic, economic and geographic backgrounds. To that end, our program focuses on building deep content-specific pedagogical knowledge aligned to the breadth of academic standards and the wide-ranging developmental needs of middle grades students. To develop a strong link between learning theories and actual pedagogical practice, we also require that our students engage in early, often and strategic field/clinical education experiences in middle grades settings.

Our program stands out as cutting-edge because we prepare undergraduate students to teach in both the upper elementary and middle grades classrooms.

In addition to becoming certified to teach all elementary subjects in 4-6th, all Middle Grades Education: Social Studies Concentration students will pursue certification for 7-8th grades in the area of Social Studies.

GPA Requirements:

  • In order to maintain good standing in Middle Grades Education, students must maintain a 3.0 cumulative grade point average and a 2.0 grade point average in the course work in their concentration area.

Summary of Requirements

University Requirements

All students are required to complete the university's General Education (GenEd) curriculum. 

All students must take a minimum of two writing-intensive (WI) courses at Temple University. Writing intensive course numbers end in 96, 97 and 98. 

College Requirements

Students receive a Bachelor of Science in Education degree with a recommendation for Pennsylvania teacher certification upon the successful completion of their program requirements with a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 or must meet the Pennsylvania Department of Education's qualifying Praxis score standards. All students seeking to graduate with the recommendation for certification must also meet the requirements for Candidacy.

The required total minimum credit hours for the Middle Grades Education concentration in Social Studies is 124. These credit hours are satisfied by taking courses in four categories:

  1. University General Education requirements (General Education)
  2. Education courses
  3. Teacher Education Certification Courses (i.e. methods and student teaching)
  4. Concentration courses

Suggested Academic Plan

B.S.ED. in Middle Grades Education: Social Studies Concentration

Requirements for New Students starting in the 2019-2020 Academic Year

To best prepare students in this major for the Praxis II exams, we strongly encourage taking the suggested GenEds listed.

(Certain courses require that a student secure clearances as per the College of Education policy; students should check the current list of courses that require clearances on the College of Education web site.)

Year 1
FallCredit Hours
BIOL 1011General Biology I14
GenEd Breadth Course (Global/World Society)23
ENG 0802, 0812, or 0902Analytical Reading and Writing [GW]34
MATH 1021College Algebra3,44
 Term Credit Hours15
PHYS 1021Introduction to General Physics I4
GenEd Breadth Course (Race & Diversity)53
IH 0851 or 0951Intellectual Heritage I: The Good Life [GY]33
MATH 1022Precalculus3,44
Select one of the following:3
Space and Place 
Urban Geography 
 Term Credit Hours17
Year 2
IH 0852 or 0952Intellectual Heritage II: The Common Good [GZ]3
MATH 1015Introduction to Numbers Figures44
EDUC 2103Socio-cultural Foundations of Education in the United States33
GenEd Breadth Course (U.S. Society)63
Select one of the following:3
History of Philadelphia 
African American History to 1865 
Colonial America 
 Term Credit Hours16
EDUC 2109Adolescent Development for Educators3,73
SPED 2231Introduction to Inclusive Education3,73
Select one of the following:14
General Biology II 
Introduction to General Physics II 
Select one of the following:3
U.S. History to 1877 
U.S. History since 1877 
Select one of the following:3
Introduction to British Writing 
Introduction to American Writing 
Introduction to Global Writing 
 Term Credit Hours16
Year 3
GenEd Breadth Course (Arts)3
MGRE 3109Cognitive Development in the Content Areas33
MGRE 3111Applications of Learning Theory to Middle Grades Education33
Select one of the following:3
World History Modern 
20th Century Europe: A Continent in Crisis 
Introduction to African History 
Select one of the following:3
Introduction to the Economy 
Global Economics Issues 
 Term Credit Hours15
MGRE 3145Teaching and Learning Math in the Middle Grades43
MGRE 3196Teaching and Learning Literacy in the Middle Grades [WI] (SPRING ONLY)3
MGRE 4108Teaching and Learning Science in the Middle Grades3
SPED 3187Integrated Literacy and Special Education Practicum3
Select one of the following:3
African American History 1865-Present 
Recent American History 
U.S. Civil War 
Vietnam War 
 Term Credit Hours15
Year 4
MGRE 3296Cultures, Communities, and Families [WI]3
SPED 4109Educating Students with Disabilities in Inclusive Settings3
EDUC 2306Assessment and Evaluation3
ENES 3338Foundations of Language Teaching: Teaching English Language Learners in Grades 4 to 1273
Select one of the following:3
International Politics 
The American Political System 
 Term Credit Hours15
MGRE 4888Student Teaching in the Middle Grades9
MGRE 4801Senior Seminar and Performance Assessment in Middle Grades Education3
EDUC 4111Classroom and Conflict Management in Grades 4 through 123
 Term Credit Hours15
 Total Credit Hours: 124